New WeChat Community Becomes Popular Among Expats

Now Shenzhen   |   April 1, 2024

Let me guess, you always feel overwhelmed navigating the endless products on Taobao? Yet, you can’t give up, because the thrill of snagging the best deals gives you a rush?

Then you’re in for a treat! Check out this incredible discount group that I discovered lately! Trust me, it is a total game-changer for shopping in China! There are already over 70,000 expats joined the groups, making it the biggest English community in China!

The group is setup by SmartLaowai, a shopping reward platform in English! They partner with Taobao and JD.COM, and keep the group members updated on latest discount vouchers, making Taobao item, especially daily necessities from quality brands like Colgate, Starbucks and etc extremely affordable with a fraction of original price.

Long press to scan and join group

If you can’t join via QR Code above, 
pls add wechat ID: SL-SUPPORT

See, just recently I got a Adidas ¥20 voucher from the group. With it, I managed to purchase a 2 pcs shower gel set for ONLY ¥29.9,  instead of the original price of¥49.9!

There’s more! Swisse Vitamin C tablet, which would cost ¥179 on Taobao, now sets me back to only ¥59! Thanks to the group’s voucher— huge ¥120 savings!

And here’s the icing on the cake: every time I make a purchase using these vouchers, I receive cashback rewards. Yes, it is not the silly loyalty point, but cold hard cash that credited into my Wechat wallet! You just need to add the cashback bot that shared in the group.

Long press to scan and join group

If you can’t join via QR Code above, 
pls add wechat ID: SL-SUPPORT

Using the voucher is super easy, and SmartLaowai staffs is in the group too to assist whenever needed. There is no sign-up nor app download required, just join the group, and you can start reaping the shopping rewards today!
I am sure you would ask, “what is the catch?”THERE IS NO CATCH. Taobao pays SmartLaowai marketing fee, and SmartLaowai simply shares the money with us.  See below what the satisfied members said in the groups:

Need more info? Pls add customer support (scan below QR code)