Offered a Job with BaoSteel company..!!

Now Shenzhen   |   August 29, 2021

The first guy contacted me after seeing my CV on SZ Party, called himself Simon Morris and then I was contacted by another guy called himself Lee Wang supposed to HR Manager at BaoSteel..

I am Lee Wang, the HR Manager of Baosteel Company. Baosteel company is a steel producing company in shanghai, we deal with sales and manufacturing of steel products. We are in need of an online sales supporter, the applicant can work from home or can also work in the company if interested. We received your application details and your resume from the company’s agent Simon Morris, and we have reviewed it and have agreed to work with you. Attached is a copy of the contract terms, i need you to go through it very well and get back to us if interested so as to continue with the further recruitment processes.

HR Desk,
Lee Wang,
Baosteel Company.

[email protected]

Thank you for your kind response in filling up the vacant position in
our company. We appreciate every bit of your interest and will be happy
to work with you soon. Your processing is in progress and i need you to
have the attached document filled and have it sent back to me. The IT
department have started processing your start up materials/softwares for
the job and i also need you to write to your agent Simon Morris and he
will provide you with the transfer details where you can transfer the
start up materials/software fees of $230USD as included in the contract
terms. After this process, you will sign an agreement with the company’s
lawyer and after that, your contract fee of  $20,500.00USD will be sent
to you through our transfer agent and after that you will start working
with us.
 Has anyone else been offered this fraud..??