Parks and Gardens in Shenzhen: Outdoor Fun at Its Best

Harry Fozzard   |   August 27, 2021

The town of Shenzhen does not only hold a stake in the tourism industry as being China’s mainland town nearest to the bustling city of Hong Kong. The town has its own fair share of must-see spots and must-experience activities. On top of every Shenzhen visitor’s itinerary should be to take a peek and enjoy the breathtaking sights of the town’s various parks and gardens.

Who says only exotic Africa can offer a safari experience to its tourists? Shenzhen is surely proud to showcase its very own safari zone cradled by the beautiful Xili Lake. The Shenzhen Safari Park boasts of more than a thousand species of animals that freely roam its premises. And seasonally, it even plays host to migratory birds. There are other activities in this park aside from your usual safari experience. There is an amusement park for children and animal shows that definitely should not be missed.

Established in 1989, and boasting of attractions with names such as “One Wood Forest” and “Tranquil Bamboo Forest”, Litchi Park has in fact become one of the most treasured properties of the Chinese government. Although located in the very much urban setting of the Futian District, it showcases several pavilions that houses dozens and dozens of plant genii and species, not to mention that the gardens are all wonderfully landscaped. Another botanical garden within the prefecture of Shenzhen is the Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens, and quite ironically it houses the so-called spooky forest wherein visitors can take a look at fossilized trees. This garden, though a tourist spot, primarily focuses on scientific research and study.

In the same district of Futian is the Lianhua Mountain Park, where visitors can hike the trail and even spend the night in a small hostel within the premises. Though not as manicured as the first park, visitors can enjoy boating or fishing in the adjacent lake. Another wonderful spot in Shenzhen is the famous Donghu Park, best known for its chrysanthemum exhibitions. Here, visitors can see the chrysanthemums arranged to look like animal sculptures. Visitors may also opt to stay at the Donghu Hotel within the vicinity of the park.

The next time that you are planning a trip to Hong Kong, have your travel agent arrange a day or two for you to visit the various Parks and Gardens in Shenzhen. You will surely see what you have been missing whenever you travel to China. So take a peek into the equally wonderful offerings of Shenzhen.

Photo by Keith Mak

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