Passengers Now Forced to Exit Vehicles at Shenzhen Bay Port

ShekouDaily   |   November 25, 2017

According to the People’s Republic of China Exit and Entry Administration Law, effective December 1st, 2017, passengers will have to exit their vehicles when traveling across the Shenzhen Bay Port Border from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. Please plan your trips accordingly. This may add signficant travel time.

Cars traveling from Shenzhen to Hong Kong appear not to be currently affected by this new change.

After Huanggang Port released similar news back in October, Shenzhen Port was the last port which allowed cars to cross without requiring passengers to get out of their cars to go through customs and immigration.

According to the announcement on November 15th, there are three types of cars that will still be allowed to go through a “Special Lane;” these include:

1. Cars with passengers who hold diplomatic documents or visa;

2. Cars with passengers who are high level government officials of the NPC or CPPCC;

3. Cars with passengers who have received special courtesy approval; such people over the age of 65, children under 1 year old or people with disabilities. (Note: This is subject to final judgment by the inspector on-site).

For those returning to Shenzhen from traveling via the Hong Kong airport, we recommend using the Shekou Ferry, especially if you have large amounts of luggage. Click here for the ferry schedules and guides


注意 | 12月1日起,深圳湾口岸过关也要…下车了!