QSI Shenzhen expands its academic profile with new music and language programs

Now Shenzhen   |   October 19, 2022
QSI Shenzhen

In time for the new school year, QSI is starting several new academic programs. While the music offer will double the number of its tracks from 2 to 4, adding both a string and a choir program to the existing band (wind instruments) and general music classes. At the same time, the number of foreign languages students can choose from will increase to 5! Besides current Spanish offer, beginner’s classes in Japanese, German, and French are newly added, while the already existing Korean program is extended from high school to upper elementary and middle school. The development follows QSI’s motto ‘Success for all’ and the intend to provide students with a wide range of choices to build their academic profile.

Choir and String Music now available

Last year, students aged 10 and up could choose between band class and general music classes. The former allowed students to choose from a variety of wind instruments, such as the clarinet, trumpet, trombone, or saxophone, to learn them in depth and become part of one of the three school bands. The latter is centered around music history and theory with elements of music production and composition.
With the hiring of a qualified string teacher, QSI is now able to offer violin and cello classes as part of the regular curriculum. The program will be open for beginners and more advanced players and will see them divided into a beginner’s section and the school’s string ensemble. Classes will focus on technique and teach how to play in different ensemble sizes from solo to full ensembles.

The second new music option is the choir program. Students will receive vocal training to develop their individual singing skills and be guided how to perform as a harmonic ensemble by an experienced choir master.

Once the students enter high school, they will be able to transfer and deepen their skills in the variety of our Secondary music programs. Besides IB and AP Music classes, there is a full orchestra, a Jazz Band, a Rock Band, Guitar, and Piano labs as well as the Tri-M Music Honor Society for particularly talented students.


Throughout the summer we have upgraded our music facilities. Two more classrooms have been added and equipped with instruments and other teaching materials. Students will also have access to separate practice rooms. In the soundproof booths the students can practice solo or as a duet to hone their skills without disturbing anyone or being distracted.

After-school Music Activities

The range of music classes is supported by several available after-school activities. These include band and orchestra projects as well as concerts. They are open to all students, regardless of whether they are looking to get extra practice time or those who are passionate about their music but have chosen a different subject.

3 New Languages Available + 1 Language Expanded

Languages are one of the most important means of conveying culture. Therefore, learning a new language allows the speaker to gain a new understanding of the culture they are learning about, while also gaining a more reflected view of their native language and culture.

This is one of the reasons why QSI students around the world have to learn the language of their respective host country. To foster a better understanding between the many cultures that are coming together in our community and give our students a true international experience, QSI is now offering a total of 5 foreign language courses. In addition to the mandatory Chinese and the already available Spanish classes, students can now take French, Japanese, or German. At the same time, the Korean program has been expanded from a Heritage program in Secondary to being available to beginners aged 8 and up.

Like the music program, all languages are available as after-school activities.

We are very happy with the early feedback on these new programs and are looking forward to providing these and other high-quality programs to our students in the future.