QSI Shenzhen International Fair

Now Shenzhen   |   April 26, 2024

QSI Shenzhen’s international fair is an annual celebration of diversity and culture, where students and faculty come together to showcase the rich tapestry of traditions from around the globe. Transforming the campus into a bustling marketplace of ideas and flavors, the fair features vibrant displays of art, music, dance, and cuisine, each representing different countries and regions. Visitors embark on a journey of exploration, immersing themselves in the sights, sounds, and tastes of distant lands. From colorful traditional costumes to tantalizing aromas wafting through the air, the fair fosters an atmosphere of curiosity and appreciation for the world’s many cultures, promoting cross-cultural understanding and unity within the school community.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each participant for making our International Fair such a tremendous success! The enthusiastic participation and unwavering support of everyone contributed to making it a memorable and enriching schoolwide event.