REVIEW: Shenzhen Pumpkin Carving & Trick or Treating Event 2020

ShekouDaily   |   October 31, 2020

On Friday, November 1st, over 150 kids came out to enjoy the free pumpkin carving and Trick-or-Treating event put on by ShekouDailyEatForCharity and the Nanshan International Cultural Exchange and Service Center (NSIC)

 Costume party

    Creative Pumpkin Carving

There is nothing better than the Jack-O’-lantern you made with your own hands. Families spent a memorable time together making their own unique Jack-O’-lanterns!

Trick-or-treat Tour in Sea World

After they finished carving their pumpkins, the kids ventured out on an organized trick-or-treating trail through Sea World, led by Gary of ShekouDaily and EatForCharity.

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