Sam’s Club: Top Items this Month

ShekouDaily   |   April 16, 2019

Top Items this Month

Bringing you a quick run down of our top items for expats this month, as well as some interesting details about their production. At Sam’s Club we want to deliver the best items at the best value with complete peace of mind for our members. It’s not always easy ascertain authenticity in China, however, this is not a challenge that our members need to face. For more info on using our delivery app, or answers to Frequently Asked Questions, click here.


We recommend our Australian import oatmeal, complete with our natural blueberries. No residue or bad particles, all oats are full and uniform. The taste is strong, the fragrance is tempting, and the 2kg big package is more for your money. Fruits and nuts for high fiber and a low fat fuel source to provide your body with slow-release energy. Pour hot water and enjoy in 5 minutes.

Find more choice such as Granola from Switzerland and Shredded Wheat Squares from Italy in Club or on our App Delivery now.

MM Croissant

Australian butter, New Zealand milk, and golden blending, makes the croissant taste delicious. Using a traditional French recipe, we curate 32 layers of crisp pastry, with the outer crispy soft, and the inner super fluffy.

Member’s Mark Eggs

Breeders are carefully selected from their German ancestors. The grain is selected from corn, and soybean, as these are high-quality cereals rich in vitamins and minerals. With weight and grade regulation, as well as maximum 12-day shelf life for each egg, we can ensure safety and quality. The golden egg yolk is full and smooth, the egg white is clear and simple to cook.

Tyson, Fresh Chicken Breasts

Only high quality chickens are selected and fed with grain-based feed. The meat is tender and nutritious. Adhering to the healthy live production standards; each step of the process is strictly regulated, with professional cold chain transportation to ensure fresh delivery to our members.

Australian Oyster Blade

Sam’s selection of Angus slabs from Australia graze in natural pastures, accompanied by nature, to deliver a delicious meaty taste. Australian oysters are also known as oysters because of their shape and beautiful pattern. Our oysters are rich in protein, calcium, iron, zinc and other natural minerals, as such vitamin B required by the human body daily. This high quality beef is very delicious and simple to cook.

Pampers Lapel Pants XL Code

Imported from Japan, it is made with ingenious craftsmanship. The diaper is comfortable and close to the body so that the baby can move freely without fear of side leakage. Selected from feather soft material, to care for delicate skin, 360° all-round ventilation, 3 absorption channels, and instant absorption to keep dry and reduce skin problems such as rash.

Seika Laundry Detergent

Imported from Japan, a bead contains 8 times the cleaning power for effectively decontamination, whilst the fabric softener component work wonders simultaneously. It contains antibacterial ingredients for deep cleansing and to prevent odors. Only one laundry ball is needed for each wash.

Members Mark Strawberries

The MM strawberries use the Japanese hot variety – a red strawberry, produced from the national high-quality strawberry base, grown in Dandong, Liaoning, as the latitude equivalent to the origin.  20 years of planting experience make the strawberry here a geographically protected product.

MM strawberries are pollinated with non-hormonal honey. When planting, there are no more than 6 fruits per vine to ensure sufficient nutrients for growth. The cultivation period is no less than 90 days. We take only the top 15% of strawberries, having an average fruit weight of  greater than 25g, which is higher than the standard market specifications.

For more info on using our delivery app, or answers to Frequently Asked Questions, click here.