Shenzhen Climate – All Season is Superb

Harry Fozzard   |   August 30, 2021

Shenzhen, China’s first and one of the most successful special economic zones, is a perfect travel destination whichever season you may choose to go. The city experiences subtropical marine climate and the usual weather activities in every season slightly varies on account of the geographical orientation of the city. There is a mild and relatively dry winter season, that rarely exhibits frost. Springtime starts dry and rainfall gradually increases by April, followed by the rainy season until the early or mid part of October. Summer is best described to be very humid, and moderately hot. The city is also typhoon prone, so travelers are advised to choose the best time to go there during the rainy season. The best is between August and September. Add to it, the series of celebration pumped up during this period. Normal weather condition at this time of the year would either be hazy, sunny or partly cloudy with minor rain showers.

Shenzhen climate temperature gradually increases and decreases as the season changes. The year starts with a high temperature of 68F and would climb up 84F in May. Between the months of June to September, the average temperature rises from 88 F – 90F and would eventually hit 84 F – 72 F during the months of October to December. The low temperature would fluctuate between 54F-79F. Rainfall has been recorded to be at its heaviest right around August.

Roam around the city and visit famous man made amusement parks and galleries that showcases the rich culture and history of China, collected and curated over time. Drop by the China Folk Culture Village and enjoy a largescale collection of cultural and scenic spots, that exhibits folk arts and Chinese customs. This is the home of several Chinese national festival water-splashing Festival of Dai nationality, Torch Festival of Yi nationality, Lusheng Festival of Miao and the like. All of these are made possible inside a 200,000 square meter property.

Put on your sunscreen or umbrella when you hit Splendid China, a miniature scenery park, that casts the popular and historic sites of China. Natural and man made scenery completes the park. It is a theme park that has summed the vastness of Chinese antiquities into a one day experience.

Experience the cool breeze from the Shenzhen Bay when you visit Window of the World amusement park. This theme park houses 118 world famous scenic spots with eye catching night shows and wonderful float parade set to complete the night off along the coast.

Indulge yourself to a 3 minute walk to Happy Valley after getting off from the Window of the World station. This is another well known amusement park that caters to tourists morning, noon and night time. The nine different themes housed in a 350,000 square kilometer landmass are dedicated to entertain and relax guests and visitors.

Enjoy Shenzhen with its moderated condition with a view of Chinese heritage in these awe-inspiring tourist destinations.

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Blog Image by Yanfeng Liu