Shenzhen Debuts World’s Longest Fully Electric Bus

ShekouDaily   |   April 3, 2019

Another first for Shenzhen took place yesterday when the BYD group launched its BYD K12A bus, the Shekou News reported.

At 27 meters long, the new BYD K12A is the longest fully electric bus in the world. The length is equivalent to a 9-story high-rise laid flat. With a max capacity of 250 people, its carrying capacity is comparable to a small train.

The bus is made up of three compartments, has a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour, and can run up to 300 kilometers in a single charge; enough for standard daily operation requirements. Its max power is 600kW, which is equivalent to twice that of the same size diesel bus. According to BYD’s statistics, each K12A can reduce CO2 emissions by 80 tons per year and save 360,000 liters of fuel throughout its lifetime.

This 27-meter, pure electric, double-hinged K12A bus, first launched in Shenzhen, was designed for the city of Colombia where they have been using gas powered ultra-long buses since 2009, Li Ke, senior vice president of BYD Group, introduced at the press conference. BYD has been promoting new energy products in the Latin American market, where due to environmental pressures, they have been paying more and more attention to energy-saving and environmentally-friendly buses, she said.

“For the ultra-long pure electric bus, no one believed that anyone could perfectly solve the electric bus mileage and length, the balance of weight, and the challenges of turning and climbing. Some technical experts told the local government that the super long electric bus is 10 years down the road. The technology can now be realized,” Li Ke said.

A BYD engineer told reporters that the biggest technological breakthrough of K12A lies in its purely electric distributed four-wheel drive system.

Source: 全长27米可满载250人!全球最长纯电动大巴深圳首发