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szjicun   |   August 28, 2021

    the foreign friends in shenzhen to leave temporarily, you can storage your own luggage in shenzhen hokoko mini storage limited !

        Shenzhen hokoko mini-warehouse company has already served  with in France, american,Spain, Finland, Ireland, Britain, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, Japan and other nationalities temporary personal baggage items related services. Welcome foreign friends  storage of your personal belongings when you go to other cities in China or leaving China a short time , the absolute quality assurance.

    Another,   we are only in Mandarin service, English and French and Cantonese services will be gradually opened in the future, welcome to your storage.

Storage Tel: (MT)86- 135-10142250   (BT)86-755-86238209

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the foreign friends Luggage storage in shenzhen