SIS International Winter Bazaar Recap

Now Shenzhen   |   March 23, 2023

Thank you for joining us last Saturday (March 18) at the annual SIS International Winter Bazaar event. We were thrilled to see such a good turnout, from students and teachers to community members, with over 2000 guests enjoying the 40 international booths at The Bay Campus.

SIS International Winter Bazaar is a traditional event celebrating our diversity as a school. This year, we sectioned our outdoor field into four areas, the international booths from various countries were placed on the track, the game area was at the 5-aside pitch, and the craft area was on the basketball court, leaving the centre field space for guests to enjoy the day meeting old and new friends.

Mr. Harish Kanabar, the Head of Shekou International School, remarked:” There’s a fund-raising component to the IWB as we invite local charities to the event to raise money for their good causes, such as the Haichang Community Service Station. A positive growth mindset and mutual respect are represented amongst the SIS community and throughout this event.”

One of the highlights of this event is how engaging the SIS community is. The booth organisers are a variety of SIS families, teachers, and friends, reflecting how much of a close-knit community we are. It is worth mentioning that part of the income from this event will be donated to our Parent Support Association to support further suitable activities that benefit our students. This year we aimed to promote sustainability by encouraging guests to bring their own water bottles, plates, etc.

Shekou International School is proud of our outstanding and inspiring school community. We look forward to seeing you again at our next International Winter Bazaar on December 9, 2023.



蛇口外籍人员子女学校总校长Harish Kanabar先生说道:

“SIS IWB国际冬日集市有一个筹款的部分,我们邀请当地的慈善机构参加活动,为他们的慈善事业增添关注度并筹集资金,比如海昌社区服务站。同时,整个SIS社区也充满了积极的成长心态和相互尊重的精神,我很高兴这些品质在这次的整个活动中也都得到了体现。”



“This is the first time we’ve joined an event like this, really deepens my impression of the internationalism of SIS. Walking around, you see people from all over the world speaking many different languages. I picked up a few greeting words from talking to the booth owners! Thank you for having us. “


 SIS Local Community Partner 本地社群伙伴

“SIS Winter Bazaar is an event we love. I’m bringing my family and friends together to enjoy the cuisine this year. I have to say. This is exactly how I remembered it from last year, if not better. I’m glad to be part of this community.”


 SIS Parent 家长

Best wishes, 

SIS Communications