HSK1/2/3/4 Level Online Group Class

Now Shenzhen   |   September 4, 2023

Why you need to start Chinese learning?

You can start a new life in China 

if you can speak Chinese!
You can find new job opportunities and promotions if you can speak Chinese!

Online Group Class for beginners!

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This is a speed-up spoken Chinese course for beginners which will help you have a good foundation for further self-studying.

New semester, new journey!
Online Group CLASS FOR Chinese learners !

Interactive online class

Down to ¥ 50 a class

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HSK2  19th Sep.
HSK 3  3th Oct.

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Group Class
FOR HSK1 Level

1. Course Info.

Class time :

7:30-8:15 p.m.

Mon.Wed. Thur. (Beijing time)

Class hours: 

36 Group classes (45Min. a class)

20  one-on-one classes with a partner teacher




Topic 1 你好 Hello!

Topic 2 你饿吗?

Are you hungry?

Topic 3 你是哪国人?

Which country are you from?

Topic 4 今天几月几号?

What is the date today?

Topic 5 你几点下班?

When will you get off work?

Topic 6 你家有几口人?

How many people are there in your family?

Topic 7 西瓜多少钱一斤?

How much is the watermelon per Jin?

Topic 8 请问,洗手间在哪儿?

Excuse me, where is the restroom, please?

Group Class
FOR HSK2 Level

1. Course Info.

Class time :

8:30-9:45 p.m.

Tue. Thur. Fri. (Beijing time)

Class hours: 

38 Group classes (45Min. a class)

20  one-on-one classes with a partner teacher




Topic 1 请问,你您想喝点儿什么? 

What would you like to drink, please?

Topic 2 爸妈身体怎么样? 

How have Mom and Dad been?

Topic 3 你有什么爱好? 

What hobbies do you have?

Topic 4 你去过上海吗? 

Have you ever been to Shanghai ?

Topic 5 周末你去哪儿了? 

Where did you go on the weekend?

Topic 6 哪儿不舒服? 

What’s the matter?

Topic 7 我正在跑步呢 

I’m jogging.

Topic 8 今天天气真热!

It is so hot today!

2. After class programs

Make your learning never stop after class !!

  • Support class video playback
  • Variety of Online practice
  • Online working sheet
  • Different homework(Option)
  • After class teacher’s support

Students’ Words

Thank you so much everyone for helping me realizing that Chinese is not super hard to learn like I thought it would be. I wish i was able to attend more group classes but by watching playbacks i was imagining like i am taking part in them too. Wishing you all good luck and health! 


Thank you very much @Kathy Jing – TCIC for helping me improve my Mandarin listening and speaking ability’s. I know HSK-2 will be a lot more challenging but I’ll commit to it. I know as a fact that I personally require a set routine so to progress along the Mandarin studies.


Class Moments:

Other online group class

HSK3 Level Group

Class time:

7:30-8:15 p.m.  Tue. Thurs. Fri.(Beijing time)

Class hours: 

42 Group classes (45Min. a class)

20  one-on-one classes with a partner teacher

HSK4 Level Group

Class time:

10:00-10:45 p.m.  Tue. Wed. Fri. (Beijing time)

Class hours: 

50 Group classes (45Min. a class)

20  one-on-one classes with a partner teacher

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