Teachers: The Most Wanted Pre & Post Pandemic. WE ARE HIRING!

NowShenzhen   |   September 8, 2022

The post-pandemic offers a variety of uncertainties in almost all industries, and one of the greatly affected ones are the education sectors. To adapt is not just a means of surviving but to thrive. 

In China, parents are very particular in the education of their children, especially at these times where unprecedented lockdowns could halt the schooling of students. Academic performance is of number one concern.Thus, despite the threat on jobs, the education sector is highly in need of teachers across all levels, across all forms of platforms – online and in-school, whether part-time or full time.

We at Beijing Zhongyu International Education Consulting Service Co., LTD, as a recruiting agency located in Beijing, we cooperate with more than 200 schools all over China. We have placed over 1000 foreign teachers in different schools in China since 2018. And we are expecting excellent candidates to contact us and work together. 

We make sure that those that qualify, are placed in an institution that they best fit in. We carefully evaluate each of the candidates and our partner’s school to ensure that it is both a win-win situation for both the teachers, the school, and most importantly the students that would be the main focus of this education. As an agency, we do not only link people to people, but we highly value the partnership that is formed and will be formed through us. We have been grateful that through the years, we can say we are trusted by our partners. 

Currently, we are looking for educators/teachers such as ESL, Homeroom Teachers, and Subject teachers. 

And here are the following details: 

  • Teachers
    • ESL
    • Homeroom Teacher
    • Subject Teacher
  • School Type
    • Kindergarten
    • Public Primary School
    • Middle School
    • International School
  • Location
    • Shenzhen
    • Beijing
    • Shanghai
    • Jinan (Shandong)
    • Rugao (Jiangsu) 
    • Zhoushan (Zhejiang)

The Conditions of Employment: 

  • Degree: Bachelor degree or higher
  • Certificate: 120 hours TESOL /TEFL certificate or two years teaching experience reference
  • Compensation:
    • Salary: Kindergarten Monthly salary from 28000-32000 RMB after tax, 
    • Public School Monthly Salary from 24000-32000 RMB before tax depends on location
  • Free meals
  • Workload: 40 working hours per week, including 22-25 teaching hours, weekend off
  • Flight allowance offered in one year contract
  • Paid summer and winter holiday
  • Medical insurance offered
  • Required Documentation
  • Current Resume
  • Current Photo or short introduction video

If you want to join our team, and be our teacher, or simply interested to know more about us here’s our Contact Info

Contact Person: Michelle
WeChat: zhangxue602158
Skype: boaofly
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 18810052861