Technical Skills of Good Concrete Pump Operators

Now Shenzhen   |   August 29, 2021

To be a good concrete pump operator, it takes a very special person who has some great character traits. Operating a concrete pump truck requires a lot of responsibility to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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A concrete pump operator’s job is very demanding, both mentally and physically. He or she has to be a leader, a self starter, and a self motivator. A pump truck operator has to get up very early in the morning to be at the job-site and all set-up before the concrete arrives.

What to look for in a good concrete pump truck operator:

1. A Good Truck Driver – Most of these pump trucks are very big, a good concrete pump driver has to be able to maneuver his pump truck in very confined areas.

2. Safety Awareness – Pump truck operators always have to be concerned about safety, if something goes wrong someone can get hurt very quickly. If a hose kinks or becomes plugged everyone needs to know what to do so nobody gets hurt.

3. Concrete knowledge – Good Pump operators have some knowledge about concrete mix designs. Which concrete mixes pump easier, Why a concrete mix is pumping hard today, what effect adding water to the mix has, what effect hot or cold temperatures have on concrete mixes, what effect adding accelerators to the concrete mix has, all things a pump operator should know.

4. Electrical & Hydraulics Experience – Being able to fix the mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems on the pump truck are a must. The newer pump trucks and concrete pumps are very technologically advanced and complex. If something breaks down, the concrete pump operator needs to know how to fix it fast. That concrete won’t stay in liquid form for very long!

5. Can Make Good Decisions Quickly – Deciding where to set up the pump truck, how to lay and hook up the concrete hoses, where to start the pour, how to complete the pour and how to proceed when a problem occurs are all decisions a concrete pumper need to be able to make.