The Hangover Brunch is Here

Now Shenzhen   |   March 29, 2024

🌮🍹 “Qué pasa, amigos? Ready for un pinche evento chingón on April 21st? Join us for “The Hangover Brunch” at Tequila Coyotes, where Los Cuatro Amigos are teaming up an epic 8 hands brunch! 🎉

Chef Abel 🇵🇪 from Chullschick in Hong Kong, Chef Alex Fargas 🇪🇸 from La Paloma in Hong Kong, Chef Beto 🇲🇽 from La Lupita in Bangkok, and the incredible Neto Trevino 🇲🇽 from Tequila Coyotes in Shenzhen are joining forces. They’re fusing Mexican, Peruvian, and Spanish flavors for a mouthwatering experience. And it’s the first time a Mexican chef who has his restaurant in Thailand is spicing up our kitchen in Shenzhen!

🗓️ Here’s the lineup:

  • April 20th: Start the fun at Chullschick in Hong Kong.

April 21st: “The Hangover Brunch” at Tequila Coyotes.

April 24th: At La Paloma in Hong Kong.

This 8 hands brunch is all about good food, great company, and celebrating the magic that happens when friends from different corners of the world cook together. 🍽️🥂

🎫 Early Bird Tickets – Get Yours Before April 21st!

  • Adults with Drinks: ¥358 (Catch it before it goes up to ¥398)
  • Adults without Drinks: ¥258 (Grab it before it rises to ¥298)
  • Kids: ¥158 (Lock in this price at ¥198 before it’s too late)

Be part of this incredible gathering with Los Cuatro Amigos. It’s more than just a meal; it’s a celebration of friendship, culture, and delicious flavors from around the globe. 🌍🎈

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