The Torch of NowShenzhen has been Passed

Now Shenzhen   |   November 18, 2021

Dear community: has been a pillar of Shenzhen’s online community for over 2 decades providing a variety of useful and authoritative online resources and tools for expats, travelers, businessmen, families and interested eyeballs the world over.

For most of its life the brand has been known by its former name – In 2020, in response to a growing number of activities that grew beyond the scope of socializing, local nightlife and events, ShenzhenParty was rebranded NowShenzhen. The expanded pool of activities included local news, authoritative guides, apartment and job listings to name a few.

The brand and its related domains have been owned and keenly operated by Brent Deverman and a capable bicultural team since its inception. In recent years his life has pulled him towards a more permanent anchoring in Hong Kong and away from focusing on As a result, he began conversing within his network seeking new owners that had the experience, resources, and passion to continue growing the brand and serve the Shenzhen community.

That’s where Mike and I come in. We’ve been members of the Shenzhen community since the mid-2000s. We’ve grown and evolved along with, in our respective fields of expertise, over the past decade and a half. Brent has been a personal friend of ours for most of that time – from the early days of social networking through the wine and cheese years and now looking into the future beyond Covid-19.

Mike Michelini brings a deep understanding of SEO and online marketing paired with a local network second to none – there are few expats in the city that do not know his name or haven’t heard of the brands he’s developed. He’s owned and operated various businesses in service industries throughout his career in China. Above all, in each of his endeavors, he has excelled at creating value for his audiences, friends and customers alike. Leveraging his unique set of experiences, his creative passion for developing value, and the robust collection of professionals within his reach – Mike aims to dramatically improve the usefulness of for our users as well as grow the site’s already impressive online footprint.

My name is David Ho. I’ve owned several Shenzhen based service businesses in the online and printed circuit industries including event organization, web development and marketing, software development, sourcing, and procurement services. In all my endeavors I’ve gravitated towards building strong connections with the humans I conduct business with. Sales, business development, management and investor relations are naturally fitting roles for me. I aim to build deeper connections in the communities we operate in as well as develop more effective and efficient solutions for our customers in the coming months.

As we turn to the future, we’d like to take the opportunity to ask for your input if you haven’t given it to us already. We’ve created this survey to collect your thoughts and feedback on how you think this website can better serve you in the coming months and years. Any and all feedback is most welcome.

We’re very excited about the future of and look forward to delivering more useful functionality and a better user experience to each and every one of you. It is our collective goal to be the most authoritative and useful English language resource for those interested in, living in, or just passing through our fast-paced, vibrant, and fascinating city. Shenzhen is the future, that is our humble belief, and we charge ourselves with continuing to enhance your experience of it.

-David Ho & The NowShenzhen Team

PS: Make sure your voice is heard and fill out the survey here.