WIN 10,000 RMB in the Oriental Cup International Community Calligraphy Contest!

ShekouDaily   |   June 12, 2017

This event is taking place in Futian District; however, it looks like a super cool opportunity to win some prizes while learning about Chinese culture so we thought we’d share this with you!  The Oriental Cup International Community Chinese Calligraphy Contest is a chance for foreigners to win either the first place 10,000 RMB prize, one of two second place prizes of 5,000 RMB each, or one of two third place prizes of 2,000 RMB! Read below for the details.

Note, you do not need to attend the press conference to enter this event. Submission details are further below.

Press Conference: 15:00, June 14, 2017


Shenzhen Oriental Art Gallery,
Shenzhen Grand Mercure Oriental Ginza Hotel 7th floor


If you are taking a bus, please get off at “Zhuzilin” (竹子林)station;

If you are taking the subway, please take Line 1 Luobao line, get off at”Zhuzilin” station, exit from B2 Exit;

If you are driving, please direct to “Shenzhen Grand MercureOriental Ginza Hotel” ( hotel parking lot).


1st Prize – RMB 10,000
2nd Prize – Two winners: RMB 5,000 each
3rd Prize – Ten winners: RMB 2,000 each
Finalists – Fifteen winners: gifts.


All foreigners working or living in the Guangdong Province with a valid Chinese visa permit.

Entry Period

June 14 to July 31, 2017

How To Reach Us

Send email to:
[email protected]

Business hours:

Monday-Friday 9:30AM-6:00PM; Saturday 9:30AM-1:00PM.

Specifications of Awards

Certificates and rewards will be given by Shenzhen Oriental Art Gallery.

First and Second Prize winners must agree to attend the Award Ceremony hosted in Shenzhen in August, 2017 and must come to the gallery in person with required ID for processing.

Third Prize winners should follow the organizer’s instructions to process reward procedure, or process such procedures in person at Shenzhen Oriental Art Gallery.

Artwork Specifications

1. Artwork must be created in Chinese.
2. Artwork must be created with ink brush and Xuan paper .
3. Artwork content must be legal and promote positive sentiments. Chinese poems, characters, or original content created by contestants are all accepted.
4. Artwork on Xuan paper must be completed on one of the three following sizes:
  a. Height 68cm x Width68cm
  b. Height 136cm x Width34cm (Artwork should be vertical)
  c. Height 70cm x Width46cm (Artwork should be vertical)

How to Submit

Mail your artwork to Shenzhen Oriental Art Gallery. The mail must be prepaid as unpaid mail will not be accepted.

Or submit your artwork, in person, at Shenzhen Oriental Art Gallery.

Submission Requirements

1. In the lower left corner of the artwork, using a pencil,record the following:
  a. Artist’s name (Must match the name on the passport exactly)
  b. Country ofcitizenship
  c. City of residence (in Guangdong Province)
  d. Date of birth
  e. Mailing address
  f. Telephone number
  g. Email address

2. Please type the above information on a Microsoft Word document, including a photo of the artist as well as a photo of the artwork. Send to [email protected]

Complimentary Service

During the entry period, contestants can reserve spots with Shenzhen Oriental Art Gallery, via email, to create original artwork in the gallery and submit on site. The gallery will provide ink brushes and Xuan paper for complimentary use.

Artwork created in the gallery should follow the same guidelines as stated in “Submission Requirements” and send the required information and files to [email protected]

Contest Information

Entry information about the contest can be found on Shenzhen Oriental Art Gallery’s official WeChat account page.

Award winners will be announced on Shenzhen Oriental Art Gallery’s official WeChat account and relevant news channels.

Shenzhen Oriental Art Gallery’s official WeChat account: szdfmsg2016

WeChat Code:

Contest Jury

After the entry deadline, all artwork will be judged by professional Chinese calligraphers on a fair basis.

The jury committee will conduct random interview checks on shortlisted authors to verify authenticity. If evidence of fraud is proven,artwork will be disqualified from the final exhibition and awards.

Contest Exhibition

Winning and finalists’ works will be exhibited at the Oriental Cup Contest Exhibition. The exhibition will take place at Shenzhen Oriental Art Gallery in August-September 2017.

All artists may enter the gallery free of charge during the exhibition.

Other Specifications

The contest does not charge any fees for entry.

Thank you!