Winter À la Carte Menu @ The ClubHouse

Now Shenzhen   |   January 23, 2024

Embark on a journey of warmth and delectable dishes at The ClubHouse as we proudly unveil our latest winter À la carte menu

The ClubHouse 法式餐厅与酒吧零点菜单焕新上线,我们邀您一起品尝冬季佳肴美馔。

From classic French winter delights to G’s signature all-time favorites, each dish promises a blend of flavors and sophistication.


Although every addition to this menu is worth savoring, our chefs faced a tough choice and settled on 3 top recommendations.


Hachis Parmentier: A French Old-Time Classic
经典中的经典 – 法式土豆泥焗牛肉糜

Experience the allure of this French classic, reminiscent of Cottage Pie. Dive into the perfect blend of seasoned ground beefvelvety potato puree, and the crowning glory of melted parmesan cheese — an absolute must-try for food enthusiasts.

这道法国经典菜肴使牧羊人派魅力再现,每一口都沉浸在精心调味的碎牛肉丝滑绵密的土豆泥以及拉丝的帕玛臣芝士的完美融合中 —— 这是一道必试之品。

French Onion Soup: A Timeless Delight
永不过时 – 法式洋葱汤

Once you taste it, the warmth and flavor of our French Onion Soup will linger in your memory. 

Caramelized onions and Gruyere cheese unite to create a rich, comforting broth


Niçoise Salad: A Fresh and Elegant Treat
尼斯沙拉 清新优雅的美味

Featuring pan-seared tuna, the Niçoise Salad exudes freshness and elegance. Whether enjoyed as an appetizer or a light meal, this classic French salad offers a burst of vibrant flavors.


The ClubHouse’s Signatures and More

While embracing these new delights, the new À la carte menu continues to showcase signature dishes: the G Board – a divine selection of imported cheeses and cold cutsRoasted Baby ChickenArgentinian Beef Ribeye, and the classic G desserts, along with a dedicated vegetarian corner.

除了新品外,我们也保留了G的招牌菜品:G Board 精选进口芝士冷切盘烤春鸡搭配普罗旺斯烩菜阿根廷肋眼牛排、G招牌甜点,以及素食选项等多种选择。

Join us at The ClubHouse and indulge in the exquisite flavors of our new À la carte menu.

邀您共享 The ClubHouse 法式餐厅与酒吧


The ClubHouse is located on the 11th floor of Residence G Shenzhen, offering an elegant and unique environment with varied seating arrangements. Guests can indulge in a delightful dining atmosphere while savoring the exquisite flavors of French and Mediterranean cuisine.

The ClubHouse会所餐厅与酒吧位于深圳G公寓11层,环境优雅别致,座位陈设高低不一,错落有致,让客人们在温馨轻松的用餐氛围中品味丰盛的法式和地中海美食。

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Experience the finest flavors and impeccable service that have made us the talk of the town at The ClubHouse, where gastronomic magic unfolds.

品尝一流风味的佳肴,享受无可挑剔的服务,美食的魔力尽在The ClubHouse会所餐厅与酒吧。

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Residence G Shenzhen sets the bar for lifestyle hotels and serviced apartments in the vibrant and dynamic city of Shenzhen. Situated in the heart of the Nanshan neighborhood, just minutes away from Shekou shopping, entertainment, and bustling business districts, the hotel offers chic hotel rooms, intelligently designed studios, and spacious serviced apartments. The hotel also boasts an array of comprehensive facilities, including the G Club with its delightful restaurants and bar, a dedicated floor for sports and wellness featuring a 25m indoor heated swimming pool, a 24/7 gym, and a Kids Club. These amenities are sure to appeal to business travelers, couples, and families alike, ensuring an unforgettable stay.

深圳G公寓为深圳这个生机盎然、蓬勃发展的城市设立了个性化生活方式酒店和服务式公寓的标杆。酒店坐落于南山的中心地段,距离蛇口购物、娱乐和周边商务区仅几分钟路程,提供别致的酒店客房、智能设计的单间和宽敞的服务式公寓套房。   酒店内设有一系列配套设施,包括G Club 里法式餐厅和酒吧,全景露台,25米室恒温泳池,24小时健身房,以及一个儿童俱乐部。深圳G公寓无疑是商务旅客、家庭和游客的理想下榻之所.

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