Working Visa Application Procedure in Shenzhen

Lindsey Liang   |   August 24, 2021

Procedure  of Z Visa Application as followed, only for reference:

  1. Apply Employment Approval: 5 days
  2. Apply Authorized Unit Visa Notification:10-15 days (Applicant should exit before apply it)
  3. Delivery Employment Approval and Visa Notification to Applicant, so that he/she can submit them to their country’s China Embassy to get Z visa.
  4. It means applicant should be back to their country.
  5. After get Z visa, applicant entry China again, then should do physical examination in the Port Hospital to get Physical Examination Verification.
  6. Apply Resident Permit Application Notification, will be interviewed by the officers: 14 days
  7. Apply Employment Permit:2 days
  8. Apply Resident Permit: 5 days.