How to Sign Up for Online Classes with Natural Mandarin

David Ho   |   April 13, 2020

How to join our online classes?

1.Contact our service wechat to sign up: ALICEAYS or phone number 18665982694

2. Your Natural Mandarin classes will be custom tailored for you by your Natural Mandarin teacher,  based on your Chinese level. All the teachers who work in Natural Mandarin have more than 2-year of teaching experience.

3. Try the 45 mins free demo class. First, If you would like to keep going, the consultant will send you a study contract which will include detailed information about what Natural Mandarin can offer you. If not, the consultant will arrange another teacher for you, so you can compare teachers and find the one who is best for you.

4. During the study, if you have any questions, just feel free to let the consultant know, the consultant ‘s duty is to make sure your study quality.


1. During this special time, Natural Mandarin is offering unprecedented discounts. If you have ever considered the possibilities that speaking Mandarin could unlock for you, now is the time to seize this opportunity before it is gone. 

2. We accept Payment  by wechat 、paypal  or bank transfer  and, as detailed in the contract, your study fee will be refunded if you need to stop the classes.

3 .For those who choose to take one on one classes you decide when you want to have class. For those of you who want to take classes with a partner, or with three or more students, once you and your partner(s) have decoded on class times which work for you, let us know and Natural Mandarin will make sure you  have enough time to finish the class hours.

4. Classes will be taught on zoom or wechat ,depending on which you prefer .

5. For each class , the teachers will send you the study materials and homework.

6. If you are unhappy with your teacher’s classes at any time, feel free to let your consultant know.