Latest Update on Calvin’s Tailor Shop

David Ho   |   April 10, 2020

Since we are still in the epidemic prevention and control stage, our store cannot be opened for the time being. If there is a demand for customization, you can come to Calvin’s clothing customization studio. To save your time, door-to-door service is available for Shenzhen’s customers.

The separate space can ensure the maximum safety of customers. You can make an appointment in advance by calling Calvin’s phone or adding his Wechat.

Phone Number: +86 13682435489

Scan the QR to add his Wechat

Address: #1715, No.8 Anhua Building, YingChun rd, Luohu district Shenzhen 深圳市罗湖区迎春路8号安华大厦17楼1715

About Calvin’s Tailor Shop

Calvin is the owner of Calvin’s Tailor Shop and he has 25 years of experience in tailoring suits. He tailors for both ladies and gents, workers and bosses, salespeople and executives (who is looking for some tailor-made clothes). Among his product line, includes tailor-made suits, shirts, pants, sports jackets, blazers, single trousers, dresses, blouses, overcoats, tuxedoes, and leather outfits from Shenzhen.

“We understand customers’ needs and provide various kinds of suits, trousers & shirts with different fabrics & accessories for quality assurance. We are attentive to details and striving to provide the best quality clothing. We offer advice for customers before tailoring to achieve customer satisfaction”. -Calvin. 

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