Ask questions about Shenzhen in these Forums and Groups

David Ho   |   October 31, 2020

There are many platforms to ask questions and get answers about life in Shenzhen. We have summarized them into some convenient list below. We have identified which groups that are official from us.

Image by u_n0jp4jlq from Pixabay

Public forums to ask questions

There are many places to learn about Shenzhen online, some of them are travel forums and some are more general. Here is a list of forums where you can discuss and ask questions about Shenzhen.

WeChat Groups

WeChat has many groups run by Shenzhen locals to share information about Shenzhen unfortunately they are not possible to share here. You can follow our WeChat official account “shenzhenparty” and message us to invite you to our official groups.

Facebook Groups related to Shenzhen, China

Even though Facebook is blocked in China there are still active Facebook groups to discuss about Shenzhen.

LinkedIn Groups about business in Shenzhen

Groups in Guangzhou