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ARRAIL Dental established in 1999 ;ARRAIL Dental is a high-end dental service brand, mainly targeting the affluent population with high purchasing power in first-tier cities. As of March 31, 2021, the ARRAIL brand operated a total of 50 ARRAIL clinics in seven cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Tianjin and Xiamen. The clinics are usually located in prime commercial locations and Grade A office buildings in cities or regions.

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Service concept of customer is family

From depression to smile, from pain to laughter can actually be very close. Riel customer service team has always been adhering to the “customer is family” service concept, with true feelings and intimate service to truly make customer satisfaction.

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Profound academic cornerstone at home and abroad

Riel actively carried out various academic exchange activities and incorporated academic exchanges into the institutionalized management norm, laying a solid foundation for the overall medical level to always maintain international synchronization.

At present, Riel has established long-term continuous training cooperation with a number of well-known dental professional medical academic institutions at home and abroad, including major dental colleges in China and the School of Stomatology of the University of Pennsylvania.

Since 2013, Riel Dental has become the first private medical institution in China to send visiting scholars to the University of Pennsylvania School of Stomatology. Every year, elite doctors are sent to the University of Pennsylvania School of Stomatology to study and develop high standards of medical operation according to the international standards for Riel, and continuously deepen and improve the comprehensive level of Riel Dental.

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Customer-centered management model

Each clinic of Riel Dental is equipped with a general practice + specialist medical service system, with a perfect referral and consultation system, providing a more comprehensive treatment plan for customers’ difficult cases.

Adopting the international advanced medical management model, it has established an institutionalized and normalized medical quality management and supervision system.

Customers have the right to informed consent, moderate treatment is Riel’s commitment to customers. From the formal writing of cases to the follow-up treatment of complex cases, as well as the routine use of rubber dam, there are dedicated medical directors responsible for supervision to ensure the quality of each client’s medical care and treatment safety.


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