Bus Grill-Turkish Steakhouse

Now Shenzhen   |   August 31, 2021

Bus Grill is Turkish, in the manner of Birol Dincli:

Born, traveled, and globally recognized

Contemporary, but not stuffy

Relaxed, without sacrificing an ounce of chic.

We serve popular Turkish favorites, through Birol’s looking glass.

Innovative, Exciting, a New Gastronomic-Discovery-Birol Dincli

Service is family style, recasting within a street bus design. The wine list includes 12 wines by the glass, seasonal cocktails and Taps® craft beers.

BUS GRILL TURKISH STEAKHOUSE is a heaven for meat lovers with prime cuts of the world’s finest meat, seared to perfection on Shenzhen’s only Turkish charcoal grill.

Bus Grill’s rich in experience, award-winning Michelin Star background chef and director of hotelier & restaurateur, Birol Dincli invites you to experience a Turkish Steakhouse that has turned fine dining to fun dinning.

“For me, food is about feelings and emotions, and that’s why we’re not just a restaurant.”-Birol Dincli

The menu at BUS GRILL Steakhouse by Birol Dincli has an elaborate organic salad, Turkish mezzes, homemade flat bread features the high-quality meats, our avant-garde recipe of doner, kebab, fresh fish and seafood, complemented by an innovative array of side dishes and homemade sauces and an eclectic selection of condiments including special blended mustards and eight exotic rock salts from the Himalayas.

Authentic Turkish cooking methods, such as charcoal grilling, rotisserie, braising, and sous vide to draw out the essence of the world’s best meats combined with Birol’s globally inspired spices and signature flair to deliver flavorful dishes you are sure to love.

Bus Grill hires only true Turkish chefs to work at culinary team. Chefs display their skills in an open kitchen, using Turkish-designed charcoal and stoves. Final preparations of dishes are done beside the table, allowing you to enjoy the sense of theatre that fun dining provides.

With service available for breakfast, lunch, dinner, late dinner, brunch, and afternoon tea.

BUS GRILL TURKISH STEAKHOUSE promises to be the best all-around value for money for “steak, kebab, doner, salad, mezzes, dessert” in Shenzhen.

BUS GRILL is, at its heart, TURKISH. Occasionally, the rest of the world also joins in.

We riff on classics, we dish up comfort cuisine, and we serve it just like you would at Sunday night dinners.

Sharing-style, and with plenty for seconds.

There is something for everyone.

It’s a straightforward menu that takes simple Turkish classics to start, then let you add and play.

Mash-ups: not just for potatoes and DJs anymore.

Life’s too short to drink wine you don’t like.

But finding your personal crank-turners isn’t always easy; wine lists can be intimidating, “We get that” and we’re overhauling the norm. Enabled by the latest in wine cocktails and Taps® craft beer service.

While our approach to wine may be in a freer spirit, Taps® craft beers and our cocktails are greatly mixed with classics from the house specials.

Authentic, Gorgeous, and Solid – another perfect way to get spoiled

Address & Contact Information

Chinese Name: 巴士扒房-土耳其烤肉

Address: No.134, 135-D, North Yard Block, Mintian Road, Futian CBD, Shenzhen China 518048

Address CN: 深圳市福田区民田路购物公园北园134.135商铺, 邮编 518048

Phone: +86 (755) 8257 4011