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Now Shenzhen   |   August 14, 2021

 Eduhope International Management Limited is based in London, was established in July 2012 with the original team consisting of three professors, three doctors and one post graduate. In the past four years, the team has expanded. In 2013 Eduhope has set up its branch in Shenzhen, China and registered the right of trade mark of “Eduhope Education”.

  Eduhope has kept carrying out the active practice of education internationalizing, broadening the vision of English education in China. We undertake a series of exchange programs among primary and middle schools in China and UK. The core businesses are composed of input and management of international courses, summer and winter camps in UK, China-UK sister schools, international exchange students, and consultation of school management. The research team of Eduhope has gained knowledge from the advanced education concept in UK education systems and native English teaching methods, and developed B&A Phonics Curriculum according to the diversity of Chinese students. This set can be adopted to all the international courses in primary and middle schools, aiming to help Chinese pupils to have a delightful journey of learning English. It also has won plenty of praise from schools and the industry.

Place Description (Chinese/中文):  Eduhope全名“英国千希教育管理有限公司”(Eduhope Management Limited. UK) ,成立于2012年7月,总部位于英国伦敦。千希筹建初期已有3位教授、3位博士和1位硕士,在随后的4年中公司逐渐壮大,组建了一只精英团队,并于2013年在深圳设立分公司,在中国注册了“千希教育”商标权。   公司积极探索国际化教育实践,依托英国伯明翰教育协会的合作支持,致力于帮助中国的英语教育拓展国际视野,承办一系列中小学国际教育交流活动,核心业务主要包括国际课程输出和管理、组织英国冬夏令营游学、中英友好学校、国际交换生、学校运营与管理咨询服务等。千希教育团队结合英国先进的教育理念和本土的英语教学方法,根据中国学生的语言学习特点,研发定制出《英禾美英语助读课程》,旨在帮助中国学生轻松愉快地学习英语,适用于各中小学国际课程,广受各中小学校及业界好评。

Address & Contact Information

Chinese Name: 深圳市千希教育管理有限公司

Address: Building No. 1, Junhuixintian, Zhongxin Road, Shenzhen China (Subway Line 2: HAIYUE Station, Exit B)

Address CN: 中国深圳市南山区中心路君汇新天1栋B座(地铁2号线海月站B出口)

Phone: +86 (755) 26058233