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F= Functional training 功能性训练
45= 45 minutes of workout 45分钟每节课

  • Originated from Australia in 2013
  • More than 2000 studios worldwide. – David Beckham and Mark Wahlberg are both F45’s global investors
  • Functional training, circuit training, group class experience, – 1on1 guidance. – 4 studios in Shenzhen located in Nanshan & Futian
  • Not only a gym, but a community
  • 来自澳洲,源于2013年
  • 2000+家门店,全球统一课程,国际社交媒体无间隙交流
  • 贝克汉姆和马克沃尔伯格都是F45的投资者
  • 功能性训练,循环性团课,团课的体验,私教的指导
  • 深圳5家门店各分布于南山与福田
  • 不仅仅是健身房,我们更是一个社群。

Advantages of Functional Training 功能性训练带来的好处

What is functional training? 什么是功能性训练?

Functional training is about incorporating movements that are performed naturally in our daily lives in a higher-intensity setting to strengthen muscles and move better in our daily activities.

功能性健身训练是指在更高强度的环境中进行日常生活中自然进行 的动作,以加强使用的肌肉,帮助我们在日常活动中更好地行动。

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Benefits of functional training?

  • Increased muscle growth and neural adaptation
  • Reductions in fat mass and blood pressure
  • Increases in bone mineral density, which can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fractures
  • Significant impacts on mental health outcomes
  • 刺激肌肉生长和神经的适应
  • 减少脂肪量和降低血压
  • 增加骨密度,有助于降低骨质疏松和骨折的风险
  • 对心理健康结果产生重大影响

Who is it for?

Functional training can be done and benefit anyone.

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