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Now Shenzhen   |   April 9, 2020

Foreigner Services Consulting Co., Ltd (FOREIGNER-SERVICES) is based in Shenzhen and is ideally positioned to help China companies and professionals foreigner candidates take advantage of great opportunities to work in one of the top cities in the world.

Our company provides a comprehensive range of professional services to provide our expats, whether they are individuals or businesses, a simplified one-stop solution. Otherwise, we also care their families in daily life to provide some assistance in Medical Healthcare, Home Searching, Car Rental, Pet service, Travel and Tour Guide.

For over 8 years FOREIGNER-SERVICES has been working to help create a convenience life for the many foreigners. We do it in small ways, answering needs related to life in China by providing full services that are comprehensive, practical and affordable. That’s because we believe most people are unfamiliar in a new environment, a need for legal, safety, health and a regard for career development – not only for their own, but also for their family.

Leveraging on its comprehensive service capabilities, excellent operations, outstanding human resources and widespread services network locally, FOREIGNER-SERVICES is committed to providing prompt, professional and personalized services to foreign insurers, large- and medium-sized enterprises and individuals.

Our services include:

• Work & Residence Permit
• Short Term & Long Term Chinese Visa in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand & Vietnam.
• Oversea Visa (For Chinese citizen)
• Travel & Tour Guide Assistance
• Legalization & Authentication
• WFOE Registration
• Accounting & Tax Services
• Import & Export Certificate
• Translation (Written & Oral)
• International Logistic (mainly in United Stated)
• Home Relocation
• Domestic & Office Relocation
• International Moving Services
• Medical Evacuations in World Wide
• Medical accompany & House Call Service

Address & Contact Information

Chinese Name: 深圳市丰顺信息咨询有限公司


Address CN: 深圳市罗湖区海外联谊大厦4楼B02室

Phone: 13048975183 / 0755-28903279

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