Now Shenzhen   |   November 17, 2022

GOLD PRIVÈ CLUB aiming at leading the new trend of entertainment in South China, it combines pop music with dynamic lighting to present different colors. If you can only attend the last party in the world, you should choose GOLD, which can satisfy all your imagination of the party, the changeable theme of the party, the rich and colorful performance of the party. At the same time, there is a strong insistence on the diversity and inclusiveness of music itself.

 GOLD PRIVÈ CLUB旨在于引领南中国娱乐新风尚 ,将流行音乐结合动感的灯光呈现出别样色彩, 如果说世界上只能在参加最后一个派对,那你应该选择GOLD,她可以满足你对派对的所有想象,派对主题的变幻莫测,派对表演的丰富多彩,同时在音乐本身的多样性和包容性有着极强的坚持。

Address & Contact Information

Address: The back of the shark 1st Floor, North District, Shopping Park, Futian District

Address CN: 深圳市福田区购物公园北区1楼 (鲨鱼餐吧后侧)

Phone: 13322935775