Indian Spice

Now Shenzhen   |   November 23, 2022

Indian Spice, a place where once relish the flavours of Indian cuisine through the prism of her exotic spices which not only tickle one’s taste buds with fine aroma but also pleases the soul. We serve recipes from every corner of India and as such our menu is an assortment of dishes coming from all parts of the country, ranging from ubiquitous butter chicken to quite a niche dishes like chicken Chettinad, dosai (Southern Indian crepe with salty taste) & idli ( rice cakes steamed and served with tangy vegetable stew – sambar & coconut – mint flavoured sauce).
At Indian Spice, our philosophy is not to serve the food, naytheless, to be home away from home where can relax amidst the tantalizing aromas of the food and can escape from the hustle & bustle of the city by puffing the fine flavours of sheesha or by treating oneself to a pint or serve of “Old Monk” (Indian rum with vanilla scent at the nose and smoky pallet).
Thus, we would like to welcome everyone to experience our hospitality and we promise, you shall not be left unsatisfied.

— All our ingredients are imported from India for maintaining the authenticity of the dished being served.
— No preservatives or msg is used at our restaurant.

Address & Contact Information

Chinese Name: Tony 收 电话

Address: 111-112, Building 5, Nanhai Yiku, Shiwani exit c,Nanhai, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Address CN: 广东省深圳市南山区招商街道南海意库5栋111-112 印式香料餐厅

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