K2Fit Challenge

K2Fit Challenge

Now Shenzhen   |   September 9, 2022

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K2Fit Challenge

The K2Fit 10-Week Ultimate YOU Challenge started in Guangzhou, China and now spans across 30+ cities in China.

With 20 coaches and captains around the world, this is the #1 Online Body Transformation program, guaranteeing you hit your goals.

K2Fit makes sure that you stay accountable and motivated while coaching you every day, so you can easily get leaner, stronger, fitter, and change your life. No matter what your goals are!

By following their proven methods, you can dramatically transform your body, and more importantly set yourself up for long term success.

With over 20 years coaching, 7000+ people transformed and over 70,000 lbs lost, this is the proven solution to getting you massive results.

Join China’s Most Trusted Online Fitness Program and start your body and health transformation today!

Kara Wutzke
Founder and Head Coach K2Fit

Coach Kara

Kara has been a fitness coach for over 20 years. She is an Author, TEDx Speaker, Body Transformation Expert, Podcaster, Physique Champion, Mum, Philanthropist, Cancer-beater, Beer Lover, and an Expat living abroad for over 22 years.

After transforming over 7000 people including every day busy mums and dads, CEOs, professional soccer players, and other coaches, K2Fit has come up with the easiest way to get you in the best shape of your life.

This coaching program is designed specifically for the ‘every day’ real person that wants the key to fitness results.

Can you hit your goals without an “all or nothing” attitude and stop the diet rollercoaster of weight loss and weight gain? Kara says “Absolutely!” and believes that the key to fitness transformation is through great coaching, a mindset shift, and a supportive community.

The K2Fit 10-Week Ultimate YOU Challenge is designed exactly to get you MASSIVE results and keep them for life!

Christie Kable

Coach Kristie

Christie has been with K2Fit for 10 years and helped develop the infamous K2Fit Challenge – the 10 week body transformation program that has helped over 7000 people!

She is a Therapeutic Release Coach, Partner, Entrepreneur, Confidant, Mum of three.

Elisabeth Welander
Business Development & Yoga Coach

Coach Elizabeth

Elisabeth specialises in Yoga, Breath-Work, as well as being a Slöga Expert, Mum and a Health & Wellness Coach.

Elisabeth knows that having a healthy body and mind is key to fitness. She brings yoga to K2Fit making sure to design the practice to support the strength training programs. Bring on K2Fit and yoga for maximum results!


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