Sam’s Club – Futian

Now Shenzhen   |   December 1, 2022

What is Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club in Shenzhen is a high-end member-only store with a history of 39 years, over 800 clubs and 50 million members worldwide.

More and Better product selection

Our comprehensive quality assurance standards strictly regulate the types of products we sell. Wide range of categories for shopping ease, and a Mobile Phone app in English. 

Sam’s Club directly imports over 500 selected items from over 35 countries. Our global merchandising team is constantly searching for more for you to enjoy.

Member’s Mark is the representative of high-quality products. By effectively managing our supply chains and costs, we are able to provide our members with over 800 types of high-quality MM products at competitive prices. 

For example,

MM Variety Nuts

MM Organic Vegetables

MM Belgium Chocolates

MM Australian Beef 

MM Vannamei Shrimp with single frozen technique, 

and no water carrying agent applied.

Every quality item is selected from the best.

Why Do We Charge Member Fee? 

Sam’s is committed to providing our members with the top 20% quality products selected from all around the world, with great savings all year round.

Omni-Channel Shopping Experience

In Store Shopping

A spacious and comfortable shopping environment, over 4,000 items displayed in store, over 300,000 food tasting and demos every month, exclusive services for our business members. Sam’s enables a quality life for you and your whole family.

Sam’s App

Use the English Sam’s Club app for ordering and delivery

These are three types of delivery from Sam’s App:

  • Standard Delivery (same day or next day delivery)
  • Fast Delivery (99RMB free shipping for hour hour)
  • Global Buy

Service for members in most parts of the country. Convenient shopping at anytime, anywhere. Temperature controlled delivery directly from clubs. 

To download the Sam’s Club app, scan the following QR code

Life-Changing 1H Delivery Service

Sam’s Club has launched one-hour delivery service covering all the cities where Sam’s Club operates. Around 1000 items are available, including fresh. Free delivery with purchases over 99RMB. Easy steps, convenient shopping at Sam’s App!

Sam’s JD Flagship Store

Search “Sam’s Club” in App. Sign in with your member account to shop at member’s value. Free nationwide delivery on purchases over RMB99 by JD logistics.

Sam’s JD Global Flagship Store

Over 200 world famous brands and 700 items available. Acquire imported products without going abroad. Free nationwide delivery on purchases over RMB99 by JD logistics

Address & Contact Information

Chinese Name: 山姆会员店

Address: Junction of Qiaoxiang Road and Nonglin Road, Futian District

Address CN: 福田区侨香路与农林路交汇处

Phone: 0755 - 8270 0017 / 8270 0018

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