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David Ho   |   July 9, 2020

19 June 2013 – Shenzhen’s highly anticipated specialty cocktail bar is officially open for business in the Futian central business district.  Shang Garden Bar is a sophisticated venue for the fashion forward to enjoy quality handcrafted cocktails made with premium ingredients. An extension of the award-winning Shang Garden, the bar naturally conveys the relaxed Oriental elegance and modern edge that the restaurant is renowned for.

“We felt there was a need in the marketplace for a bar that was hip and sexy, yet comfortable and consistent in quality service and food. Our guests are tastemakers with distinct personality and style,” said Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen’s director of Food and Beverage, Bechara Sader.

Signature Handcrafted Cocktails

The bar menu is anchored by a series of 11 signature cocktails. Inspired by Huaiyang cuisine, the cocktails are interpretations of classics, cult hits and old favourites; immaculate blends of whimsical flavours of premium spirits and house-made infusions accented with notable Asian ingredients. Standouts include the Manhattan a la Futian, Bergamot Fizz and the bar’s namesake cocktail, the ShanG. Guests will also find an extensive selection of wines, beers, liquors and hearty nibbles.

At Shang Garden Bar, the preparation of a cocktail is an act of dedication. It starts from the procurement of the finest spirits and ingredients to produce housemade infusions with flavours such as osmanthus and cucumber, which are often featured in Huaiyang cuisine. In preparing the cocktail, the bartender carefully measures out exact quantities as required by the recipe to ensure consistency in taste, akin to an apothecarist. Even the garnishes are meticulously prepared because many of the cocktails are topped with edible art carved by Chef de Cuisine Anthony Dong.

The Space

The interior design of Shang Garden Bar takes inspiration from Asian glamour and Western comforts. The contrast between the two styles creates an ambience that is greater than the sum of its parts. Accents of Oriental flair are expressed in both the furniture design and space. For example, the barstools feature sleek silver geometric legs that mimic the angles on the Chinese-style screen panels on the bar’s feature wall. While the overall theme is monochromatic in shades of sand, silver and black, bursts of cinnabar red in the form of contemporary installation artworks add to the Asian feel.

The alluring ambience flows through the bar to an outdoor patio where guests enjoy their drinks under the stars. Two community tables are perfect for chatting with old friends and welcoming new ones.

Engaging Experiences

The personalities that make up Shang Garden Bar are selected for their contagious sense of energy and passion. They are dedicated to delivering engaging experiences, ensuring fine food and wine, fantastic service and an entertaining evening. Designed to inspire a sense of place, Shang Garden Bar is a quality venue where people can relax, connect and feel like part of a community.

Shang Garden Bar is also available for private parties with catering options. For reservations and enquiries, please contact Restaurant Reservations at (86 755) 2151 3838 or e-mail [email protected].

深圳福田香格里拉大酒店香乐园酒吧新开业 都市潮人新去处   香乐园酒吧的鸡尾酒出品宛如一项精美的艺术品,是采用上好的烈酒和淮扬菜系经常使用的调料,例如桂花和黄瓜手工浸灌而成。在准备鸡尾酒的过程中,调酒师严格地按照配方,精准地把握调配量,确保口味的一致性,这有点类似于药剂师们的工作程序。甚至在准备为增加鸡尾酒色香味而添加的配料时,调酒师都是一丝不苟。此外,大多鸡尾酒面上还配撒有由香乐园总厨董玉振师傅锦上添花的美食艺术,让鸡尾酒更显精致美观。   品味空间 香乐园酒吧的室内设计灵感来源于中式传统韵味配合西式舒适情调的概念。两种风格结合碰撞,创造出的氛围相得益彰。东方风格在家具的摆设和空间的设计里表达得淋漓尽致。例如,酒吧的高脚凳是光滑银色几何空间的形状,特地配合了吧台身后中式风格屏风的斑驳特色。与此同时,酒吧的主题色是由单色的沙砾色、银色和黑色有层次地组合,并带有朱砂红的点缀,在当代装置艺术作品中增加了亚洲的元素。   此外,酒吧户外露台也是个很棒的选择。客人可以在星空下畅饮,沉醉在舒适的休闲时光中。两张长桌带来欢聚的氛围,为宾客结交新朋友或与老友畅谈提供了完美场地。   深圳福田香格里拉大酒店新开业香乐园酒吧 都市潮人新去处   魅力体验 专业的服务人员散发的活力和激情,感染着在香乐园酒吧的宾客畅享新体验。他们致力于给客人传递魅力体验,确保提供高品质的美食、美酒以及美妙的服务,给大家带来一个难忘的夜晚。香乐园酒吧的设计所营造的独特空间,使其成为宾客理想的社交场所,人们在这里可以放松思维、结识朋友以及放松身心、找到自我。   香乐园酒吧同时也可以提供私人派对及宴会服务。如需预订或咨询详情,请致电(86 755) 2151 3838,或发送邮件至[email protected]

Address & Contact Information

Chinese Name: 香乐园酒吧

Address: 4088 Yi Tian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, 518048, China

Address CN: 中国深圳福田区 益田路4088号 邮政编码 518048

Phone: +86 (755) 2151 3838