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Now Shenzhen   |   July 25, 2023

Shenzhen car rental, Shenzhen car rental company, choose Shidong. With its own vehicle strength, good service quality and honest business philosophy, the company has become a high-quality vehicle supplier in many industries in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Shidong Car Leasing Co., Ltd. provides professional car rental services such as car rental, administrative car, business, conference reception, long-term chartered car, wedding car, tourist car rental and other professional car rental services for Shenzhen residents, enterprises and institutions, foreign-funded enterprises, schools, shopping malls and other units or individuals. We have a variety of new domestic and imported cars, luxury business vehicles, and luxury buses. Hourly rent, daily rent, monthly rent, quarterly rent and annual rent are optional.

Our company is committed to the stability and continuous improvement of service quality, drawing on the mature international car rental model, and combining the consumption habits of domestic customers, to provide our customers with convenient, high-quality, efficient, punctual and economical car rental services. In the future development, we will keep up with the pace of the automobile industry with humanized management methods, continuously improve service quality and awareness, and be able to achieve the satisfaction of cooperative units and the favor of the majority of car owners. Our service will make you feel the convenience and joy of working and living!

Shidong’s corporate culture: innovation, harmony and success

Shidong’s service concept: customers abuse me thousands of times, I treat customers like first love

Shidong’s corporate purpose: Let you travel as you like and enjoy freedom

Shidong’s behavior credo: there is no best but better

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Chinese Name: 深圳市世东汽车租赁有限公司

Address: Room 1426-1427, Dongfang Tiande Building, No. 100-106, Longyixiu New Village, Baishi, Minzhi, Longhua New District, Shenzhen

Address CN: 深圳市龙华新区民治白石龙逸秀新村100-106号东方天德大厦1426-1427

Phone: 0755-88870100

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