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shadstone   |   February 24, 2023

In remote locations, there are many young women with children, who have missed most of their schooling. They are largely illiterate and need a lucky break. Captivating’s My First Job Program trains women to become Assistant Chefs, Tailors or Embroiderers. Their team then safely transitions and mentors the girls into their first job.
This is just one of the programs Captivating runs in cooperation with the Shenzhen Charity Federation. 15 years ago, Captivating International, a Hong Kong Registered charity, started partnering with Chinese registered grassroots charity organizations. Since 2015, Captivating’s programs came under the oversight of the Shenzhen Charity Federation where they have worked in partnership ever since. Captivating was founded by Andrew and Julie Colquhoun, who left corporate life in Australia to devote themselves fully to serving children, single mothers and families trapped in poverty or injustice. Driven by the belief that every child and every person has something incredible to offer their world, they wanted to help people achieve their purpose in life, taking them from a position of extreme disadvantage to having real choices.
Captivating supports other inspirational projects such as the One More Year Program, Sponsor a Girl Program and Volunteer Teacher Program.


Captivating’s “ONE MORE YEAR” program helps 600 students from underprivileged families in rural regions of Yunnan, Sichuan, Guanxi and Guizhou go as far as they can in their schooling. We want to see them complete senior high school or vocational school. Through assistance and support to approved students and their families, we will reduce the financial pressure and worry of these critical final school years and help improve their focus and performance at school. Together, we will see these students stay in school for One More Year, then maybe another, and another.

Doing this will inspire confidence, enhance their dignity, empower them to see brighter futures filled with better choices.

Sponsor a Girl Program

This is the most personal of all of Captivating’s programs. If you want to be personally responsible for supporting an underprivileged girl through school, within the One More Year Program, this program’s for you. Our “Sponsor a Girl” program links you with a girl from Yunnan, Sichuan, Guanxi or Guizhou who needs your help to finish senior high-school or vocational school. Your support will help her and her family cope with increased boarding and living expenses. This will bring much needed relief to your sponsored girl who is concerned for the extra stress her education is causing her family back home. She will worry less, perform better, and increase her desire to keep going.

Volunteer Teacher Program

It’s not uncommon for village based primary schools located in extremely remote and mountainous locations to struggle getting the teachers they need. As a result, it doesn’t take long for students to start slipping behind their urban based peers, concluding there is no future in education past the compulsory 9 years. A volunteer teacher can make all the difference.

Whether a new teaching graduate with a heart for service, or an experienced retired teacher wanting to help out in remote locations they know are struggling, our “VOLUNTEER TEACHER” program funds living and transport costs for these amazing volunteers. Our aim is to make it easier for them to (1) say “yes” to volunteering; and (2) stay on as long as possible to build in some stability for their students.

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