[Closed] The Compass Bar

David Ho   |   July 31, 2019

At The Compass Bar we have a passion for celebrating life’s simple pleasures with fine wine, exquisitely crafted cocktails, beautifully prepared food and impeccable sipping spirits.  We understand the necessity and desire for a higher quality of living.

  Behind the bar we experiment daily, always in the mood to taste, create and improve just about every drink inspiration that comes our way. We make our own ice, bitters, syrups and infusions and we don’t use any juice or extract that we don’t make ourselves, because the drinks taste better that way.

  Every afternoon we are busy preparing food, creating seasonal dishes from scratch and utilizing the very best of local ingredients, always exploring new ways to improve on our favorite recipes.  Our Dining Room features a menu of New American cuisine that blends New York specialties with local ingredients, delivering an experience and flavor that is distinctly Shenzhen.

  Our entire team is trained, educated and tested, so they deliver the service and experience we feel you deserve.  We work hard to offer something new, something more, in an atmosphere that is both elegant and low-key, where you can enjoy the moments that are truly special.

   We are a Speakeasy style establishment that brings a little piece of New York direct to you.  Expect a place of beauty and intrigue, where discoveries await and experiments are abound.  Welcome to the new golden age. Welcome to The Compass Bar.

   在 The Compass Bar,我们用高品质葡萄酒、精心调配的鸡尾酒、美食和醇厚的烈酒赞美生命中最简单的快乐。因为这是我们毕生的追求,因为我们懂得您对更高生活品质的迫切渴求。


   每天下午,我们在准备餐食、开发新季菜品、精选新鲜本地食材、不断尝试新方法改良配方的忙碌中开始新一天的经营。为了更好的表达独家创设的新美式菜系,The Compass Bar精心建造了独立的就餐区,纽约风味及本地食材在这里碰撞结合,只为向您呈现深圳地区独一无二的味觉体验。

   The Compass Bar 的每一个人都经过严格的专业训练、培训和考试,向您提供最优质的服务。在私密、优雅的环境里,我们努力创造更不同、更意想不到的体验,使您能够享受在 The Compass Bar 的每时每刻。

   我们带来的是「咆哮二十年代」在纽约繁盛一时的地下酒吧 (speakeasy) 精神。在这里您将找到一个华美、富神秘感的氛围,源源不断的新发现,和颠覆陈规的思维。欢迎来到新黄金时代,欢迎来到 The Compass Bar。



Address & Contact Information

Chinese Name: 罗盘酒吧

Address: 4002, The 40th F, Huanggang Busniess Center, 2028 Jintian road at Fuhua 5th road, Futian District

Address CN: 深圳市福田区福华五路皇岗商务中心四十层4002

Phone: 0755-82707559