The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in China

Now Shenzhen   |   November 4, 2022

简介 Introduction


The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in China has the objective to promote commercial and economic relations between companies in China and Spain within its three headquarters, Beijing, Shanghai and South of China, potentiate the external trade of Spain, as well as the interests of their active and preferential members.


The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in China is one of the members of the network of Chambers in Spain, these chambers are distributed all around Spain. While working with the network of Chambers in Spain and other organizations, offers also basic consulting and services to Chinese companies willing to do business in Spain. The Chamber also offers services oriented to facilitate the development between Spanish and Chinese businesses, as well as a consulting role of the Commercial administration in the common defense of the collective interests between Spanish businessmen.


Moreover, the Chamber groups its members through a professional network of suppliers and consultants to offer help in all the parts of the constitution process and internationalization of Spanish Companies in China. The experience of the Chamber and its members is an added value to the service offered to companies that develop business between Spain and China.

The Chamber is an advisory entity and contributor to the Spanish public administration and works together with the Spanish Economic and Commercial Offices in China. One of the ways in which the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in China offers these services is by organizing its members by sectors and industries and elaborating the minutes of the meetings and reports about the requests of the Administration in commercial and economic issues between Spain and China.


The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in China, Guangdong was established at 2003, changed its name to the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in China, South Division at 2009, and mainly in charge of the communication between Spanish and Chinese companies of areas like Hunan, Hainan, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou and Yunnan. The office runs four departments: the Administration Department, the Marketing Department, the Public Relationship Department and the Communication Department, offering the best service to our clients.

历史 History


2001年10月,提出建立西班牙商会在国外的分支机构计划(Red CAMACOES)。2002年4月,中国西班牙商会上海办公室成立,2003年1月成立广东办公室并于2009年2月改名为中国西班牙商会华南办公室。2014年11月正式成为FEDECOM(全球西班牙商会联盟)成员。

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce was recognized by the Chinese authorities on June 26th, 2000 in Beijing.

On 26th February 2001, the Spanish authorities officially recognized the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in China. During the same year, our Chamber became a founder member of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China.

In October 2001, our Chamber was integrated into the network of the Spanish Official Chambers of Commerce abroad. (the network CAMACOES).

Later, in April 2002, « La asociación de empresarios Españoles » (the Association of Spanish entrepreneurs) in Shanghai became integrated into the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in China.

In January 2003, the Chamber established a delegation in Guangdong. In February 2009, the delegation of Guangdong became the division of South of China.

In November 2014, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce was integrated as a member of FEDECOM (the Federation of Spanish Chambers of Commerce).


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