The Summer Tea House (Tsingyi Tea House)

Now Shenzhen   |   August 14, 2021

This could be the best Vegetarian restaurant in Shenzhen. Already open for many years it has a loyal following. The menu contains many photos of the dishes so it is easier for an expat to order than most restaurants. Some dishes actually use soya beans to simulate the taste and texture of real meat and seafood. In accordance with Buddhist custom they do not use any garlic or onions or serve alcohol. The 7th floor is more traditional Chinese tea house style while the 8th floor as a nice modern look to it with an outdoor terrace great for sipping tea. We took our parents here when they were visiting Shenzhen and it was one of their favorite restaurants.

Address & Contact Information

Chinese Name: 静颐茶馆

Address: 409, Guo Su Shi Ji building 4F, Ban An Nan Lu, 3029#, Luo Hu

Address CN: 宝安南路3029号国速世纪大厦四层409

Phone: 0755 2558 6555