The Terrace Restaurant & Bar (Shenzhen Shekou Sea World)

Now Shenzhen   |   December 15, 2022
The Terrace Restaurant & Bar

Established in 2005, The Terrace has become legendary in the Shenzhen area for it’s delicious Thai and Western cuisine and top notch live music. Consistently the winner of That’s PRD’s Reader’s Choice awards for best bar/club, live music and events and a must-see destination for those travelling through Shenzhen, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to catch all the action. Combined with a scenic view of Shekou’s Seaworld Square, outstanding choices of spirits and cocktail mixes and everything from snacks to main dishes, ours is the perfect spot to kick back, let your hair down and enjoy one of Southeast Asia’s top entertainment venues. Open daily from 11: 30 to 2:00 am.

Award-Winning Live Music

TAS is a truly international group of talented musicians that have proven over the years to be Shenzhen’s favorite live band. The range of repetoire, dynamic live performances and consistency night after night are just some of the reasons their fan base keeps getting bigger and bigger.Nihgtly from 10 PM

Thai Chefs, Thai Spices

Thai chefs bring you the ultimate in traditional Thai cuisine and to ensure you have the most authentic taste experience, we use only genuine spices from Thailand.

Comfortable Environment

Terrace design has paid careful attention to the customer experience. We provide both indoor and outdoor service and sound quality is superb, adding up to a unique experience you won’t forget.

Refershing Beverages

Carrying all the best brands and the most famous cocktails.

Our Terrace Mojito prepared by our expert bartenders will leave the taste of lime and mint on your tongue and tickle your senses throughout the night.

Service With Passion

One of the main reasons our guests keep coming back is our outstanding service crew. They are professional, dedicated, loyal and passionate about their work.

Place Description (Chinese/中文)

露台品牌故事 露台创始于2005年,正宗的泰国菜和西餐一流的现场音乐早已享誉深圳蛇口海上世界。露台一直以来都赢得That’s PRD杂志读者投票的年度最佳酒吧、最佳现场音乐和最佳活动场所。露台是人们休闲娱乐狂欢的理想去处,我们高品质的洋酒、精选葡萄酒及精心调制的鸡尾酒,配上精心烹制的美味佳肴小吃再结合海上世界绚丽的风景,露台为您提供了一种东南亚风情、娱乐休闲的生活方式。营业时间从上午11点半到凌晨2点。 每晚现场音乐激情演绎 TAS历经多年成长已成为深圳最受欢迎的乐队之一。每位成员都才华横溢,极具匠心的现场表演及原创音乐,这使得TAS拥有越来越多的忠实粉丝。每晚10点开始。 泰厨当家 & 进口香料 露台拥有多位技艺娴熟的泰籍厨师为您主理极致而传统的泰国风味美食。为了确保您能享用到最正宗的就餐体验,所有香料均从泰国进口。 舒适的消费环境 露台一向注重顾客体验。我们室内室外主体设计及高品质的视听音像效果,一切只为您提供一次难忘的消费体验。 露台精制酒水 露台精挑细选名牌酒品只为舌尖醇厚。 露台调酒师推荐鸡尾酒-莫西朵,将在你的唇舌间留下青柠和薄荷清新的味道,就像一个青涩的初吻。 倾情贴心服务 顾客会记得露台,很重要的原因是我们的服务。专业,敬业,忠诚和热诚。

Address & Contact Information

Chinese Name: 露台Lu Tai

Address: Seaworld Square, Shekou (above Starbucks)

Address CN: 深圳市南山区蛇口海上世界广场(星巴克二楼)

Phone: (0755) 2682-9105