David Ho   |   May 17, 2020

The International Education Network is a comprehensive web portal for IEduChina. It is also a major source of international education news for popular search engines as well as an important agent for international education consulting information source for major domestic and international media.

As a large-scale integrated portal for international education, we have become a distinctive and influential service platform for China’s international education industry. We continue to provide practical, comprehensive and valuable information about international education, helping Chinese students better choose international schools and provide them with comprehensive guidance and advice. We now have more than 5 million members, 90% of whom followers of parents, students and teachers within the related institutions.

We always adhere to the latest, most comprehensive, practical and effective purposes, interpret the international education industry dynamics with a professional attitude, and tirelessly serve Chinese students and parents.

Our mission

We focus on providing the most professional and valuable information and one-stop guidance about international education for parents and students in China.

Our Service

International School Information Database: We bring together international schools domestically and abroad to collect accurate school information and help parents have a deep acknowledgement.

International School Exhibition: We hold regular international school selection exhibitions in major cities, and provide children and parents an zero-distance opportunity to learn about international schools.

School Open Day: We organize parents in group to visit the international school.

Enrolment Consult: Our senior admissions consultants provide a one-stop enrolment guidance for children to help them successfully enter the appropriate international school.

Global Frontier Education Information: We provide the latest global education information, create an international education platform, and promote the internationalization of Chinese education.

Academic Assessment and International Curriculum Counseling: We provide pre-school academic level assessments, and provide international curriculum synchronization counseling services student’s after enrollment to constitute achievements.

Address & Contact

  • Chinese Name: 深圳市福田区爱读教育培训中心有限公司
  • Address:  Room201, Building A, Lianhe Guangchang, No.5022, Binhe Avenue, Futian, Shenzhen 深圳市福田区滨河大道5022号联合广场A座201
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  • Place Phone:  +86 (755) 18566370531
  • Email:  [email protected]