IBOBI International Growth Center

David Ho   |   May 18, 2020

IBOBI is a brand for infant and early childhood educational training center founded by International Educators and experts. It integrates education and exchange programme,music, science and technology and art, as for international and local as one, fully respect and value children’s nature, stimulate curiosity, the talent of enlightenment, accompanies them to harvest happy growth and enrich the experience.

So far, Five IBOBI centers have been set up, including a comprehensive International Growth Center and a Family Swimming Clubs, as well as International Preschool Programme that integrates early childhood education and nursery education, are for children aged 0-6, provides high-quality educational services to modern internationalized families.

IBOBI Speciality 

International Top Immersive Behavior-Oriented Interactive Teaching System, (Immersive Behavior Orientation By Interaction),creating a interactive learning experience.

ESL teaching context, seize the language sensitive period, create a second mother tongue environment.

Senior teachers with profound professional experiences can bring out the best in different fields for children.

Classical interactive art and creative drama courses are designed to stimulate children’s potential from the perspective of art.

Fixed size of attendance aptitude for each and every one to be seen and cared for.

Vivid and enriched after class services for parents and kids.

Child friendly environment, interactive courses and sense of design flooded inside out though reachable details of touch. 

Education Philosophy

IBOBI is a collection of exchanging environment purely based on International Baccalaureate Organization

From the perspective of age appropriateness, topic contains with Six topics as :“ Who we are”, ”Where we are”, ”How to express ourselves”, “How the world operates”, “How to organize ourselves and share the world”. 

Topic infiltrates in six field to children in knowledge of Language, Mathematics, Society, Technology, Art, Gymnastics.

With the total emerge experience as media for its teaching system, IBOBI guilds children to explore multiple senses to different subject, to have the time for one should needs to think and explore.  

With this total emerge teaching system IBOBI offers to children creativity along with :

  • Perceptivity 
  • Thinking Ability 
  • Creativity 
  • Self confidence 
  • Aesthetic Ability
  • Effective Social Communication
  • International Vision
  • Independent, Healthy, Happy Personality 

Core Courses 

Creative Drama 

Drama comprehensively allowing children to explore the perspective of world in a specific safe environment and scenario, establish the willingness to communicate in English based environment, encourage the confidence in expression, for greater curiosity and imagination.

Interactive Art 

Expending the vision, sensibility, thinking ability, creativity as realizing it in a Art formation, guild children to reach and observe those surroundings, exporting it to the final stage of exploration in confidence of interesting creations of theirs.

Multi-sensory Education & Gym

Combining the artificial sensory stimulation program, IBOBI guilds children to practice and reach for different senses, benefiting oneself from new objects, physical development, dynamic balancing to their inner self potential.

Enlightening Reading 

Starting from being read to, gradually extending the interest of willing to read on oneself .


Parental swimming class shares the proper method of a safety precautions during soft and effective skills, helps children to develop common skill in practicing same move, in parental guidance with overcoming difficulties with the same speed.


  • IBOBI International Growth center
  • Shenzhen, Nanshan OCT Harbour Bay , South, 1st F (next to IMAX Cinema)
  • Tel:0755-86526800 
  • IBOBI International Growth center (Mixc City Center)
  • Shenzhen, Luohu, Mixc City 1st phase 3rd F #N318(Next to VIP Service counter)
  • 0755-22231769 
  • IBOBI International Growth center ( Mixc-World Center)
  • Shenzhen, Nanshan, Mix-World Shopping Mall 3rd F, ( Next Me Land)
  • 0755-26928435 
  • IBOBI International Growth Swimming center (OCT Loft)
  • Shenzhen, Nanshan OCT Loft Bldg#A2 1st F ( Intersection between Xiangshan Street East & Wenchang Street) 
  • 0755-86548089 
  • IBOBI International Day Care Academy Center ( Futian Center)
  • Shenzhen, Futian, Galaxy Mall 3rd F, ( Next to the Ritz Carlton)
  • 0755-83255271 

IBOBI Core Value

  • Tell the Truth
  • Solving problem by suggesting ways instead of complaining.
  • Taking responsibility
  • Take care of whom in need of help
  • Always seeking for higher stages


  • 5 working days , 8 working hours perday 
  • Complete official holiday plan
  • Harmonic working environment
  • Fulfilling employee activity: birthday parties, holiday parties, season activity, travel treatment, employee reward, annual health check 
  • Employee package for children after one year 
  • Scheduled internal subject training 

Address & Contact

  • Chinese Name:  IBOBI国际家庭互动成长中心
  • Address: Shenzhen, Nanshan OCT Harbour Bay , South, 1st F (next to IMAX Cinema) 深圳市南山区欢乐海岸东南区狂欢广场旁 1 楼(中影国际影城旁)
  • Phone:  0755-86535670
  • Email:  [email protected]