HuiSheng Independent Preparatory Academy (HSIPA)

David Ho   |   May 18, 2020

HuiSheng Independent Preparatory Academy (HS IPA) is the first K12 Chinese International School which aims to be the best K12 Chinese international school in the world. HS IPA offers an international education following the British curriculum along with Chinese language and culture. Many of our students have gone on to join many great universities around the world.

Advantages of studying at HSIPA

1. HSIPA has International staff and students from multiple countries;

  • We emphasize on learning both Chinese and English;
  • We allow students to learn either a 2nd foreign language or their mother language

2. HSIPA has numerous sponsorship and scholarship programs. 

3. HSIPA combines the most popular international curriculums (KS, GCE, A Level/AP) with the essence of Chinese culture, allowing foreign students to understand Chinese culture and blend into local communities.

4. HSIPA divides students into small classes and offers personalized learning plans.

5. HSIPA works together with multiple companies that offer our students an opportunity to have an internship. 

6. HSIPA is an authorized examination center by Edexecl.(Center 90607)

7. HSIPA have a new and modern school facility equipped with a science and computer lab, virtual golf course, art studio large sports complex and dormitory area. we also have the sports coach from the national team.

8. HSIPA is equipped with a scientific managing system, offering a platform for free communication among school, parents and students, building a strong and united parents community.

9. The excellent location of HSPIA brings great convenience to our students. First of all, Nanshan district is the base for high-tech development and higher education; besides, the site of HSIPA campus is easy for traffic; Furthermore, we offer school buses; At last, we have optional dormitories for students who live far from campus.

Earth Day Celebration 

On the 50th Earth Day, a competition was held at HSIPA to invite students to employ their imagination to create a piece of work on the theme of caring for Earth. All the students were highly committed, showing their unique ideas with posters, videos, and  speeches, etc.

The Earth Day activity received a cordial response from parents. Our students have performed impressively in the activity: not only did they speak out their idea, but also bring it into action by picking up the garbage and resetting the classroom.

It is the responsibility of every citizen to protect the Earth. HSIPA encourages students to pay attention to social issues and nourishes a sense of social responsibility.

Supporting Home Earth is not a one-day job. We sincerely hope that through the Earth Day activity, every student can remember the event and foster a habit to protect the environment.

HSIPA Basketball Match

Sports is for everyone. On April 26th, a basketball match was held to strengthen the friendship between Chinese and foreign students at HSIPA. Both teams have demonstrated their determination and showed their fabulous skills. 

Team members wore customized shirts with school logo and student name. Every student persevered, cooperated, and strived for the goal. Their passion and devotion has touched the heart of everyone present at the match.

Sportsmanship encompasses a spirit of cooperation, leadership, endurance, grid and determination to fight for a goal. HSIPA aims to help our students develop sportsmanship through various activities, building a solid foundation for their future career and life.

Address & Contact

  • Chinese Name: 慧昇书院(深圳)
  • Address: Shenzhen, No.259 Shahe East Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 中国深圳市南山区沙河东路259号
  • Phone:  86 +0755-33082993
  • Email:  [email protected]