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David Ho   |   April 21, 2022

Leading British Day & Boarding School for Families in the GBA

About LEH Foshan

Lady Eleanor Holles International School Foshan, an exceptional British curriculum day and boarding school, welcomed its first students in September 2020. With campus and curriculum tailored to the needs of boys and girls, from 8 to 18 years, the School brings together the best of a British boarding school education to Foshan, a dynamic city in the heart of the Greater Bay Area of Southern China. The School provides the space, facilities and expert teaching for boys and girls from Year 4 to Year 13 to flourish, either as day students or as boarders.

We teach an enhanced British Curriculum, IGCSEs and A level, leading to entry to the leading universities around the World. Your child(ren) will be taught by our talented teachers, 90 % of whom are British, with over 15 years of teaching experience on average.

About LEH London

Chosen as Independent Girls’ School of the Year at the Independent School Awards, Lady Eleanor Holles (LEH) is a remarkable school. It is a school where students successfully combine impressive intellectual endeavour with enthusiastic engagement well beyond academia. Their exam results and their sporting achievements are among the best in the UK. Their musical and dramatic activities place them among the best of young performers.

LEH is a school full of opportunity, challenge and friendship; a place to take risks and become bold; to discover passions, talents and yourself; a place for remarkable young students.

School Motto
Spes Audacem Adjuvat
Hope Favours the Bold 希望垂青勇者

Our Talented Teachers

The quality, experience and commitment of your teacher is the single most important factor in the academic success of any student. We are proud to introduce our colleagues, all of whom are experienced, inspirational and proven in teaching the British curriculum.

Our native-English speaking teaching staff are recruited from leading schools around the world, and bring maturity and dynamism to the classroom. Most hold Masters or PhDs in Education and have, on average, 15+ years teaching experience.

LEH Curriculum Programmes

Ages 8 – 9 (Year 4 – 5, Prep School)
In the Prep School, the curriculum offers our students a wide range of learning experiences taught by our class teachers as well as subject specialists in Science, Computing, Spanish, Mandarin, PE and Music. In Prep School, Class Teachers play a key role in supporting each student and closely monitor academic, personal and social development.

Ages 10 – 13 (Year 6 – 9)
Students joining the school at age 10 will follow an engaging and rigorous curriculum that will enable them to develop their own academic interests while providing a broad foundation on which to build. All students from age 11-13 will study English, Mandarin, Spanish, Mathematics and Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) alongside Humanities (Geography and History) and Technical (Computer Science, Design and Technology) and Creative Arts (Arts, Music and Drama). A programme of Personal, Health and Social Education, Physical Education and Tutor Periods will ensure students develop an understanding of health and wellbeing alongside their academic studies.

Ages 14 – 15 (Year 10 – 11)
IGCSEs Students from age 14 – 15 will follow a 2-year programme leading to IGCSE qualifications. A compulsory core of English, Mandarin, Mathematics and Science will be complemented by 3 or 4 option choices. Students joining at 15 years old may choose a pre-A Level year of intensive English language preparation. In addition, they will have a non-examined core programme of Physical Education, Personal, Health and Social Education and Critical Thinking.

Ages 15 (Year 11, Pre A Level)
The Pre A-Level Programme lays all important foundations ahead of the 2-year A-Level courses offered in the Advanced Level Programme. Our courses are stimulating, enabling you to stretch your academic interests, and specialise in areas you may wish to pursue at university and beyond.

Ages 16 – 18 (Year 12 – 13)
A Level Students in the final two years of school from age 16 – 18 will follow a 2-year programme leading to A Level qualifications and university entrance examinations where appropriate. The compulsory core of Physical Education, Personal, Health and Social Education and Critical Thinking will enhance a programme of 3 or 4 A Level subjects.

A Day and Boarding School

LEH International School Foshan aims to provide a home from home, high-quality boarding experience within a safe, secure, caring, happy and comfortable environment in a positive, trusting and encouraging atmosphere. To promote the development of good character and confidence through the promotion and a healthy balanced lifestyle whilst providing guidance and support enabling students to thrive academically, socially, morally and culturally – to reach their full potential/ to become leaders of the future/ to leave prepared for an everchanging world/ to leave as responsible young adults destined for greatness.

Boarding students at LEH Foshan develop a new level of independence, resilience and confidence. As well as benefiting from a full timetable of academic subjects, they also enjoy a strong programme of extra-curricular activities and teacher-supervised Evening School (time in the evening for home learning).

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Address & Contact

  • School Name: Lady Eleanor Holles (LEH) International School Foshan 佛山市霍利斯外籍人员子女学校
  • Address: 26 Jingping Road, Chancheng, Foshan 广东省佛山市禅城区景平路26号,邮编528000
  • Website: www.LEH
  • Tel.: +86 (0)757 6688 1881
  • Email: [email protected]

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