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NowShenzhen   |   December 17, 2018

Earlier this year, ISNS students continued a clothing drive that was initiated last year. The purpose of the initiative is to bring warmth to those less fortunate, especially during these cold winter months. Most recently, ISNS students were able to hear back from the organization that helped them to deliver the donated items. Hear from them in the Q&A below as they describe the purpose of the event, the reason for continuing the project and insights they learned along the way.

What were the dates for the clothing drive?

It was held from October 22- November 9.

What was the event?

ISNS and Dream in DaLiangShan 2018 Clothing Drive. It is an initiative that helps to bring warmth to those less fortunate with a specific focus on donating winter clothes for children in DaLiangShan.

Who was benefitting from this drive?

The clothing drive is benefitting children that attend the Maka Elementary school, in DaLiangShan, Sichuan Province.

How did you execute the clothing drive?

Before the clothing donation officially began, we approached Ms. Crossman about the initiative and our interest to continuing the project this year. With her permission and support, we created posters and drafted emails to spread the news around the school to get as much support as we could. We had two weeks where our school community could donate. During these two weeks, we spent much of our spare time during lunch and after school to sort, count, and organize the donated items. By the last day, we had ended up with twenty boxes of donated items. We were really excited about how many items of clothing were able to receive. We then coordinated with the postal office and had them shipped to Daliangshan. It took about two weeks to arrive. Upon delivery, the children received all our donations and we were very appreciative towards the principal for graciously sending us the photos of the students receiving their winter clothes.

Why did you pursue this initiative?

Through the organization “Dream in DaLiangShan”, we were made aware that there was a group of children in DaLiangShan, Sichuan Province that were not able to have proper winter clothes. With winter fast approaching and understanding that this was something we could help with, we decided we would be agents for good and organize this event to help them. This campaign is a very small act, but we feel that this will encourage others to do the same. See a need and fill it.

Any closing comments?

Because winter was fast approaching, we had a limited time to collect the donations. Taking into consideration the time to transport the items, we were concerned that we would not be able to receive enough donations for the children. But to our surprise from the very first day of the event there were lots of donations that came in; jackets, coats, toppings, pants, scarves, socks and so much more. Seeing the donations grow and grow, we are really touched and appreciative of the generosity of our community. The amount of donations had greatly exceeded our expectations. We would like to thank everyone that participated and donated to the clothing drive, including, “Dream in DaLiangShan”, our teachers, students, parents, the minivan driver, and postal workers. Thank you for all your contributions to this worthy cause!

At ISNS, we endeavor to help our students not only see the impact but be the impact.

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