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David Ho   |   May 21, 2020

International Exchanges | Shenzhen University

Since 1986, Shenzhen University has hosted nearly 20,000 international students from more than 90 countries and regions, with an average enrolment of 1,200 international students each year.

College of International Exchange offers language courses, sub-degree courses, and full-time undergraduate degree courses in Chinese language and literature for international students. It also provides international students with the support and assistance necessary for them to achieve excellence.

Faculty and Staff

Our faculty members are known for their excellence in teaching, their diverse academic backgrounds, and their professionalism and expertise. There are over 50 full-time Chinese language teachers in the College of International Exchange, including eight supervisors in postgraduate programs and five HSK test examiners. There are 20 staff members who provide support for teaching and learning activities.


International students can apply to study Chinese language and culture courses, or they can pursue a full-time bachelor (four years), master (three years), or doctoral (three years) degrees at the University.

The University offers small classes teaching Chinese language courses on four levels ranging from entry to elementary, and from intermediate to advanced. Our tutors have a broad teaching experience and are dedicated to providing students the support they need to improve their Chinese effectively and efficiently.

Since 2010, the College of International Exchange has been accredited by the Ministry of Education to host international students who wish to pursue a fulltime undergraduate degree in Chinese Language and Literature. Students can choose to major in Chinese Language and Culture or in Business Chinese.


According to the “2018 China University Teaching Quality Evaluation Report” issued by the iResearch China Alumni Association Network, Shenzhen University is the university that has nurtured the largest number of billionaires in China, with a total net worth of its billionaire alumni in 2018 of 600 billion yuan. The University tops the Forbes World’s Billionaires List as the university that has produced the largest number of ultra-high net worth alumni in China.

Shenzhen University is based in Shenzhen SAR, “the city of innovation.” Ma Huateng, Zhang Zhidong, Li Shufu, Zhou Qunfei, Shi Yuzhu, Liang Guangwei, and many other business magnates graduated from the University. Ma Huateng, the chief founder of Tencent, graduated from Shenzhen University in 1993. With a total wealth of $45.3 billion, he is the richest person in Asia and the 17th richest person in the world.


Shenzhen has a highly developed economy. In 2017, GDP per capita in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, surpassed that of Hong Kong. There are tens of thousands of foreign ventures registered in Shenzhen. Many Fortune 500 companies have set up their headquarters in Shenzhen. Every year, a large number of graduates start their careers in foreign ventures. Shenzhen and Shenzhen University are the starting points where international students can pursue their dreams.


Every year, College of International Exchange organizes various social and cultural events for international students, such as talent shows, city tours, Chinese corners, cultural exchanges, and internships. These events not only aim to improve students’ Chinese communication skills, but also to enrich students’ understanding of Chinese culture and the Chinese society.


College of International Exchange is an official HSK test center. It administers HSK tests at elementary and intermediate levels.

A Life of Convenience

Adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, Shenzhen has a modern and efficient public transportation system, which provides travellers with a wide range of air, ground, and sea transportation options. The metro station near Shenzhen University connects you to Shenzhen Airport and the Port of Shenzhen. The University provides on-campus accommodations for international students. There are also various housing options near campus for students who prefer to rent their own apartments. There are several cafeterias on campus, so you can enjoy a variety of cuisines without leaving the campus. The university library has more than three million books, more than one million copies of e-books, and more than 40,000 electronic journals and online databases. There are many sports and cultural facilities on campus, including three gymnasiums, one table tennis hall, one bowling alley, two swimming pools, a golf course, and several basketball courts and tennis courts.

Welcome to Shenzhen. Welcome to Shenzhen University!

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