Choice of the Best Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Themes

Harry Fozzard   |   October 8, 2021

The Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Themes will be comprised of 6 events. Event 1 is the Award Ceremony. The opening ceremony for the 2011 China International Underwear Culture Week will begin with an annual industrial awarding ceremony. Event 2 is Brand Fashion and will begin with the 2011 Shenzhen International Underwear Brand Fair Trend Information Meeting. The next activity is the China Fashionable Male Underwear Trend Meeting. Lastly, the third activity is the China Household Clothing Trend Information Meeting.

For the third of the SIUF 2011 Theme Events, it is all about Design Contests and there will be a China Underwear Design Model Contest, China Household Clothing Design Model Contest, and the First Bikini Design Contest. The fourth Theme Events of 2011 Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Fair is the Summit Forum and includes China Underwear Brand Marketing Summit Meeting. The second activity for this event is the China Underwear Distributor Forum. The third and fourth activities are China Underwear Design and Trend Forum, and Underwear Brand and China Supermarket Industry Summit Forum. The last activity for this event is the “Mouse Opens Future”, an internet process of the China Underwear Industry.

For the fifth event, The Whole People Interaction includes Pink Ribbon – a large public event series of Love Union in the underwear industry. The “Phoenix Dancing in China” and “Underwear Caravan” showcases to transition of culture to the countryside. The sixth and final event is the Exhibition of the Sixth Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Fair.

The location is set on a 35,000 square meter area, and participants who will attend are approximately 80,000 people. Both foreign and local enterprises are participating as well. Foreign buyer groups, franchisees, resellers, wholesalers, and brand representatives will also be present. The event will focus on the promotion of the awareness of high quality underwear and accessories that have earned a reputation throughout the years in the underwear industry. Local and international models will be a delight to enthusiasts, spectators, and brand companies that will showcase the many kinds and forms of underwear. Be it sportswear, ladies’ underwear, men’s underwear, lingerie, or swim wear, consumer’s awareness will surely be increased upon seeing the exhibitions. VIP customers, industry associations, foreign buyer groups, distributors, wholesalers, franchisees, mass media, and international and domestic brands representatives will be participating in this huge annual event.

On May 20-26, 2011, you will get to know the different manufacturers and brand enterprises such as China Knitting Industry Association, Shenzhen Textile Industry Association, Shengshi Bo Wen, and Guangdong Province Textile Association. Their participation will open the doors to market expansion, and representing each company’s strength as a brand in the underwear industry. A showcase of products such as functional underwear, thermal underwear, health underwear, sports underwear, swim wear, pajamas, and many other kinds of men’s and women’s undergarments will be showcased by both importers and exporters of the many brands available. By representing their reputable products and services, the goal of promoting the many brands to the target audience will be achieved.

Photo from SIUF.

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