When will exhibitions open in China?

David Ho   |   May 11, 2020

Due to the Coronavirus most of the exhibitions in China and Shenzhen have been canceled or postponed. Some have even gone online.

How to really verify if an exhibition or fair has been canceled

If you are an English speaker and want to verify if an exhibition is on you might try to google it and check the exhibition’s official website. It would be wise to go one step further and try to find the exhibition’s official WeChat account. Now that WeChat is so prevalent, the exhibition organizers often forget to update their websites. On the official account of the exhibition is where you most likely find the latest information regarding if the exhibition has been canceled or postponed or even moved online.

A lot of websites that aggregate exhibitions do not even have their information update so be sure to go further to verify.

Shenzhen World Exhibition Center

This brand new exhibition center is 4 times larger than the in town Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition center and was just about to kick off its first year of exhibition season when the virus hit. Now according to the Shenzhen World exhibition event calendar, and our contacts at the exhibition center the earliest exhibitions could start might be end of June or even July. Watch this space when we find out more information.

Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

The Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition center has an error with their website and on their official account the last post on their WeChat says that all exhibitions have been stopped so it looks like they are not ready to start exhibiting again even in a small way.

Guangzhou Conventions & Exhibtions

The convention and exhibition industry in Guangzhou is taking some baby steps with some small exhibitions in May and June with the fall version of The Canton Fair to be held as scheduled but see below for the online spring edition.

Online Exhibitions

The Canton Fair in Guangzhou has been postponed and will be held online from June 15th to June 24th.