Witness the Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Fair

Harry Fozzard   |   October 8, 2021

The 6th Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Fair or SIUF 2011 is China’s most influential event in the underwear industry. Products, services, and developments will be showcased in this event. The purpose of this event is to promote the awareness of the many brands to the target audience, and get new business prospects by presenting their reputation through products and services. This China International Brand Underwear Fair will be attended by over 80,000 people comprised of professional buyers and visitors. Both importers and exporters will be showcasing their products such as functional underwear, thermal underwear, health underwear, sports underwear, swim wear, pajamas, and many other kinds of men’s and women’s under garments. Visitors will get to see the many types of fabric being used to make underwear like lace, cotton, embroidery, and many more. There will also be an exhibition of machines and other equipments used such as underwear design software and many more.

This annual event will be a gathering for the enterprises of leading underwear brands. Sales agents, manufacturers, wholesalers, and manufacturer’s representatives will comprise more than 300 exhibitors in the event. On May 20-26, 2011, the participants will include companies such as China Knitting Industry Association, Shenzhen Textile Industry Association, Shengshi Bo Wen, and Guangdong Province Textile Association. The participation of these companies is one way to expand their market, and reflect the strengths of these enterprises.

Over a hundred participating brands will showcase their products on a 35,000 square meter area for the exhibitions. Visitors and professional buyers will get to see the different lingerie brands, equipments used, types of fabric, and surface materials. The exhibition will serve as an information exchange center for the innovation, development of new ideas, advertising, and marketing strategies for the participating brands and enterprises. The location will be divided into several areas namely the media area, lingerie section, men’s underwear section, international exhibition, face accessories or makeup, activity areas, and many more. Over 80,000 participants will include VIP customers, industry associations, foreign buyer groups, distributors, wholesalers, franchisees, mass media, and international and domestic brands representatives.

The event will also feature the latest innovations in underwear manufacturing, including the current technologies used in the industry. Participants will get to see the exhibitions for the latest software used in designing underwear. As we all know, there are many types of underwear that should meet a consumer’s needs such as health underwear, thermal underwear, lingerie, sports underwear, swim wear, and many more. The China International Brand Underwear Fair in Shenzhen will be a huge event, with participants coming from around the world. Local and international models will also be present to showcase the high quality products of both foreign and domestic brands. This is a sure hit among ladies, men, aspiring models, photographers, and enthusiasts. This annual event is covered by both print and television media. This underwear fair will truly be a one of a kind experience that you will learn from and enjoy at the same time. Once you have become a participant, you will realize that the underwear industry is a very promising business.

Photo from SIUF.

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