Yunshan Medical Free Online Service

David Ho   |   February 18, 2020

云杉在线多语种公益问诊服务上线!Yunshan Medical Free Online Service


Have health-related questions and need to ask doctors? Yunshan Medical is providing free medical consultation service Via Wechat, and healthcare knowledge via WeChat group, provided by family medicine doctors.

慢病咨询 Chronic diseases consultation

儿童健康 Child healthcare

新型肺炎咨询 NCP consultation

其他疾病咨询 other health concerns

企业防疫健康咨询 Corporate medical needs

语言:中文/英文/法语 Language: Chinese/English/ French

足不出户,扫码一键问诊 Scan the barcode to talk to doctors

International Medical Helper      

Wechat Group for Consultation

Service Available from February 19th

Mon-Sunday: 9:00-21:00