Frequently Asked Questions

Profiles & Accounts

How do I register an account on and become a member?
How do I change my profile photo?
Where do I find the content I posted?
How do I change my password or I forgot my password?
How do I change my email address?
How do I delete my account?
Why has my account been deleted?
How can I get the contact information of someone I am interested in?
How do I send a member of a private message?

Inbox/Messaging and Newsletter

I am not receiving any replies to my ad?
Can I see messages I have sent?
How do I attach my resume to a message I am replying to?
I am not receiving the daily insider tips daily newsletter.


How do I post and event?
I am trying to post an event and my business is not listed?
How do I make an event that repeats?
Can you promote my event on the front page/event calendar?
To promote your event on the front page, you can:
I just added my event, why can’t I see it on the site?
How do I edit my event once it’s published?
How do we cooperate with as a Media Partner?
Can you please not post an event or take an event down?
Why was my event deleted from the site?
I have an event spanning over a few days that only shows on the first date on the event calendar.
[Video] Posting Event Tutorial

Business Listings/Places

    How to post/create a business listing on ShenzhenParty?
    Where can I find my business listing?
    How do I update business listing myself?
    Can you remove a comment/review on my business listing?
    Can I remove the logo from business listing photos?
    How do I delete a business listing?
    My business is in soft opening and I don’t want it listed on the Web site?
    How can I upload photos of my dishes and food?

    Business Membership Program

    What does a paid business membership include?
    What methods of payment do you accept?


    How do I post a job?
    What is the cost for posting job?
    How do I reply to a job post?
    How do I post my resume?
    Who can see my resume?
    How do I edit/update my resume?
    How do I indicate a job position has been filled?
    How can I find part-time work on
    Can I attach my resume when responding to a job?
    Why can’t I post a job when I fill in the company name field?


    New Apartment Announcement
    How do I respond to an apartment ad on the website?
    Where do the apartments come from/who posts them?
    How do I indicate an apartment has been rented or sold?
    How do I update my apartment listing?
    I have an extra room I would like to rent out do you have a shared apartments section where I can find a roommate?
    How do I end my apartment ad/mark my apartment as rented?


    What items can I sell under “Shop”?
    How to post an Exchange Item? (Books, DVDs, Magazines)
    My item has been sold how do I remove it from the Web site?
    I found that something was already sold. How long do ads stay in shop?


    How do I report abuse/ content that I think is not appropriate on the site?
    How do I respond to a job/ apartment/ exchange ad?
    Why has my posting/advertisement been deleted?
    How do I delete a post of mine?
    It says my submission triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted.
    I submitted my content and it says there’s not enough words but there are.
    When will my post be approved?